Biden’s Immigration Czar – Amy Pope – Destroying America One Illegal Terrorist at a Time | Joe Hoft


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Biden’s Immigration Czar – Amy Pope – Destroying America One Illegal Terrorist at a Time

Amy Pope, Biden’s immigration czar, is behind the hellacoius mess going on now at the border.  She wants to destroy America and apparently has no regrets in allowing illegals and terrorists to enter the US. 

The Biden gang is sick.  They are either really dumb or really evil or both.  They hate America.  They show this every day.  Biden opened wide President Trump’s Southern border.  The person behind this is Amy Pope.  We wrote about her before.

Meet Amy Pope – Biden’s “Traitor” Running the UN’s International Organization for Migration

Bob Bishop writes about Pope:

In the Obama regime, as a policy wonk, she held flashy-sounding job titles: DOJ Deputy Chief of Staff, Deputy Assistant to the President, Deputy Homeland Security Advisor, Special Assistant to the President, Transborder Security Director, Interior Enforcement (2010-2016). During Trump’s term, she was a partner in the UK Schillings law firm, an Associate Fellow in the UK’s Chatham House think-tank, and a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council (2017-2020). Bonafides of a globalist influencer.

While at Chatham, nonprofit think-tank Migration Policy Institute (MPI) commissioned Pope for a white paper on “Immigration and U.S. National Security.” The Institute advocates for permanent legal residence for undocumented immigrants in the United States and global migration policy. Progressive organizations like the Gates Foundation and George Soros Open Society fund MPI. The usual suspects. The report concluded domestic terrorists represent the most significant threat, while asylum seekers pose a relatively low threat.

The primary terrorist threat comes from small pockets of radicalized individuals or “lone wolves,” many of whom were born and raised in the United States or in Europe and would not be obvious targets for exclusion.

Unfortunately, there is also evidence that much-needed resources, political will, and capability are increasingly being siphoned away from addressing meaningful threats to national security and focused on the extremely low threat posed by people seeking asylum, economic advancement, family reunification, or otherwise traveling to the United States.

Is it a coincidence that her conclusion became DHS Secretary Mayorkas’s top security priority of domestic violent extremism?

Pope pressed lies in front of a group in UK complaining about President Trump’s policies to protect America.

Bishop continues:

Pope followed up with a victory lap as a panelist on migration at the UN’s Climate Change Conference COP28 and the World Economic Forum. Her slogan is “stakeholders around the world,” a euphemism for global Marxism. Her ideology is profoundly rooted in the ‘America Last’ doctrine.

IOM aims to work closely with governments and other United Nations agencies to enable resettlement.  To achieve that goal, it provides migrants with cash-based interventions, supplies, and transit assistance, in addition to coordinating and managing UN way stations like Lajas Blancas and Bajo Chiquito camps in Panama.

Amy Pope is one of many in the Biden gang who openly want to destroy America…or they are too dumb to realize they have already done.



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