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BIDENOMICS – Americans Need to Work Two Jobs to Get By

Biden Economy

The Biden economy is horrible. 

The US was on fire under President Trump due to his policies of lowering taxes and reducing regulations.  The opposite is occurring under the Biden regime because of his horrible economic policies.

The Trump campaign noted that Americans are needing multiple jobs to afford Joe Biden’s America.

The number of people working multiple jobs increased 2.7% since last month, 6.1% since last year, and is up 32.2% since January 2021.

Meanwhile, as economist E.J. Antoni pointed out, “we’re losing full-time jobs and only adding part-time work.”

This is not a robust economy.

These terrible numbers are not good despite what the corrupt media says.

Government jobs added … 71,000
Manufacturing jobs added … 0
Part time jobs … 691,000
Full time jobs … -6,000

And as usual, even these abysmal numbers will be revised way down next month.

The only objective of the Biden economy is to destroy America. 

3 thoughts on “BIDENOMICS – Americans Need to Work Two Jobs to Get By”

  1. This is all part of the plan. Institute an invasion at the southern border, Disarm the public and financially destroy the middle class. Meanwhile the GOP EUNUCH’s send out strongly worded tweets with their thumbs up their arses.

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      • A student of what exactly? Obviously they do not teach proper English and typing skills at your so called school.


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