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Biden Team Now Promoting the Team and Not Biden


The Biden team is now promoting the Biden team rather than Biden as strategy.

This tweet came out from the Biden team in response to Joe Biden being senile and unable to run the country as President. But where’s Obama, George Soros and China?

This all comes on the wings of the terrible debate performance of Joe Biden two weeks ago.  Biden showed that he is senile, elderly and unable to run anything.

But the Democrats are following their lead and will back senile Joe anyways.

TIME reports:

If many Democratic lawmakers have been going through stages of grief over President Joe Biden’s candidacy since his disastrous debate, on Tuesday most seem to have reached the stage of acceptance.

A consensus appeared to emerge in pivotal House and Senate meetings Tuesday that Biden is likely to remain at the top of the ticket despite lingering concerns and internal divisions, according to several Democrats who attended the sessions. Only one additional Democrat called on Biden to abandon his reelection campaign following the meetings, indicating a subtle but significant shift in the caucus towards his continued candidacy.

The New York Times reports the same.

Democratic politicians seemed to be falling in line behind President Biden yesterday even as more polling showed his campaign to be in trouble.

In today’s newsletter, we’ll explain the latest developments and polling. We will also give you a selection of commentary — both pro-Biden and anti-Biden — that we found helpful.

If Democrats are going to persuade Biden to quit the race, it will probably require a concerted effort from the party’s congressional leaders. And many of those leaders remain skeptical of Biden’s ability to win in November, given voters’ deep concerns about his age.

“Behind closed doors, there was a consensus forming among the members in the toughest House seats that Democrats would have a much better shot of winning the majority with Vice President Kamala Harris at the top of the ticket,” our colleague Annie Karni reported from Capitol Hill.

Representative Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey yesterday became the seventh House Democrat to call on Biden to withdraw. “The stakes are too high — and the threat is too real — to stay silent,” she said. Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado said that Biden was on a path to losing in a landslide.

Yet after lunchtime meetings to discuss the situation, Democratic leaders seemed unable to agree about how to proceed. They are nervous about sticking with Biden — and nervous about the chaos and uncertainty of choosing another nominee. “There is no consensus on what to do,” Carl Hulse, The Times’s chief Washington correspondent, told us.

For now, most Democrats have chosen to defer to Biden, and he has made clear that he wants to run for another term. Dozens of Congress members have publicly backed him this week. Chuck Schumer and Hakeem Jeffries — the Democratic leaders in the Senate and the House — continue to support him. “I’m with Joe,” Schumer repeatedly said yesterday.

The Democrats know that the election is in the bag.  They don’t worry about elections anymore.  A ham sandwich can win the election for President if the Democrats want it to.  There is nothing that apparently can stop them.

Election fraud is in place.  It doesn’t matter if Joe Biden or a ham sandwich is running.  It’s the same thing with the same result. 

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