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Biden Setting World Record Illegal Immigration Numbers

Biden’s world record illegal immigration numbers may be the end of the US.

We have all seen military aged men enter the US from China, the Middle East and Latin America.  Some day these illegals will set fire to this country.  They will kill Americans and destroy our infrastructure.  It’s all in the works.

Here is how bad it is.

🚨 New: Biden Admin Sets World Record For Illegals Entering The Country:

This graph should be alarming to anyone who prioritizes the safety and security of The United States and its citizens.

• 🟧 Orange indicates single adults.

• 🟦 Blue indicates families.

• 🟥 Red indicates minors.

Illegals from over 160 countries have crossed into the US to date.

How many are unaccounted for?

The Biden admin and Democrat open-border policies are facilitating the largest invasion in the country’s history.

For more coverage on this report and border related news, check out the link below this post.

Elon Musk agrees.  What the hell is going on?

God save this country.

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