Biden Sets Another Record: 14,000 Illegals Cross the US Border in One Day! | Joe Hoft


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Biden Sets Another Record: 14,000 Illegals Cross the US Border in One Day!

Biden set another horrible record proving once again that he is trying to destroy this great country. 

The Daily Mail reports:

U.S. apprehensions of migrants at the border hit a new record Monday, with at least 12,600 encounters during a period of just 24 hours.

The stunning spike comes as US Customs and Border Protection announced it would suspend rail operations at a pair of international crossings.

The agency pledged to continue to prioritize its ‘border security mission’ amid a situation it called ‘evolving.’

The latest figures include 11,000 border apprehensions and an additional 1,600 migrants encountered at official points of entry, Fox News reported, based on CBP sources, edging past the prior record of 12,000 two weeks ago.

Texas Republican Rep. Tony Gonzales put the figure even higher, posting about the ‘historic’ numbers on X and saying there were 26,000 border crossers already in custody.

‘Tuesday morning in Eagle Pass. 14,000+ crossed ILLEGALLY yesterday & 26,000+ already in custody – the HIGHEST in US history. Christmas Day will be WORSE. President Biden has abandoned border communities like mine,’ wrote the lawmaker, who represents Hidalgo County.

Here is a video of what this looks like.

Lara Logan points out:

This is what you get when you bypass Congress and adopt the global policy on migration – look at the UN Global Compact on migration – when it became a recognized “human right”. This is why the Biden admin barred Border Patrol from using the word “illegal”. The change in language signaled the adoption of the global policy of the one world/open borders ideologues. It was planned and will continue to get worse. More and more people coming every day and the numbers will keep rising. It will not end until there is no America left.

They are working for towards the end of America and the GOP can’t figure out a reason to impeach!

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