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Biden “Running” for President a Second Time Is Insane While China Laughs

Insanity is Joe Biden. 

Biden’s announcement at ABC says it all:

President Joe Biden said Tuesday he will seek a second term in office, confirming a reelection bid he has long previewed — as he faces a possible rematch with Donald Trump next November.

Biden announced his 2024 campaign in a pre-recorded video.

“Biden said Tuesday” (It’s early Tuesday morning now) in a “pre-recorded video”?  What does that even mean?

In this communist takeover (that’s what it is) Americans are supposed to sit back and accept it all.  Insanity is the norm and insanity in many cases is evil.

Anyone with an ounce of vision could see that Biden wasn’t able to be President in 2020 and he’s getting worse.

Biden couldn’t get out of his basement in 2020.  That was elderly abuse, this is total insanity.  Biden hasn’t been functional for a long time.  This dumpster fire of words was shared early in the 2020 campaign.  Again, Biden makes no sense.

A short time later Biden was at one of his “rallies” with circles on the floor and he started hearing things and told the few people there to come in out of the rain – they were indoors.  Notice how the faithful looked like this was all normal with masks on their faces.

Biden hasn’t gotten any better.  He has no idea where he is most of the time.  He has no idea where he’s going or what he is doing.

Election deniers believe that Biden won the 2020 Election.  How horrible it must be to force yourself to believe that “The Big Guy” actually earned 81 million votes.  If you believe that, you are amongst the most faithful of all communist regimes.

Former US Rep and current Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, Michele Bachmann, shared last week about the Biden takeover:

We grew up in the most magnificent society that’s ever been known in 5,000 years of recorded human history.  And so you say to yourself, how can it be possible that in the last 2 years we could see such intentional destruction, because that’s what it is. such intentional destruction that it could actually cause a nation to actually teeter and totter and perhaps collapse?  That’s the level of jaw-dropping news that we’re looking at…

…The enemy, which is Communist China, is effectively running the United States of America through each of its various departments, and they’re running us into destruction.  120 mph towards a brick wall for the express purpose of destroying the United States so that Communist China can be the leader of the world.

No one could have said it better.  Unfortunately, those people with the masks on at the Biden “rally” will remain silent and go with the flow and support Joe.

The country is facing record-setting US debt and individual credit card debt of over $1 trillion.  Inflation is at 40-year highs, interest rates are rising to keep up with inflation, and salaries are falling behind.  In 2022 Americans lost $10 trillion and the stock and bond markets had the worst year in US history.

Christians and political opponents are being jailed and their Constitutional rights destroyed.  Children are being fed pornography.  The human being is being mutilated as the government claims to be god.

Biden handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorist group and left Americans there to fend for themselves.  Now Biden is doing the same in Sudan.

Foreign countries are hurrying to align with China and Russia because they can see that the US is no longer a constitutional republic and representative democracy.  The 2020 Election ended all that.  As foreign nations can see, the US is now led by some other means and most bets are it’s China.

The Biden family is as sick as any family in America.  They represent the worst of the worst.  They sell their services for millions at the expense of America which is why most people agree that China is running this country.  Behind closed doors, the Bidens are sick as hell promoting drugs, sex, human trafficking, and more sick stuff.

The Bidens don’t represent the goodness of this great country.  They represent a communist takeover of America and the change Obama hoped for. 

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