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Biden Regime Continues to Censor and Target Conservative Free Speech – GOP Leaders Remain Totally Ignorant

The Biden regime and communist Democrats target the truth and conservative free speech.  They won’t stop. 

The Biden regime and the leftover goons from the Obama years don’t care about the rule of law, the US Constitution or free speech.  They are communists and will do what they please.

We have seen for decades how the truth is covered up in the mainstream legacy “Big Media”.  This was very noticeable during the GW Bush administration and it got worse.  Under Obama the media ignored his many crimes.  Then came President Trump.

Before the 2016 Election Big Tech began censoring conservatives on its platforms.  The deplatformed us and “fact checked” us lying in their rebuttals based on lies.  The left then began targeting individuals and conservative advertisers.

This all happened and the GOP leadership had no clue.  The message of freedom and truth was being destroyed by communists and fascists and they didn’t care.

Big Tech stood behind a law that permitted them to censor.  They used this against its original purpose to end free speech in America.

Liberal communists know that if you want to subvert a country you have to end free speech.

The Missouri-Louisiana lawsuit against the government, was finally one effort by the politicians to stop the communist takeover of the media and censorship.

GOP leader Joni Ernst from Iowa shows her total ignorance of the subject.

Ernst has no clue what is going on or how long this has been happening.  She has no idea how this is the fabric of freedom and the target of the left.  She is lost.

What the hell is she going to do about it?  She is a US Senator for God’s sake. 


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