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BIDEN REGIME Caught Laundering Taxpayer Money to Illegals

The Biden/Obama gang is laundering tax payer money to illegals to help them enter the US illegally. 

This is the destruction of the US and we are paying for it.

It turns out that the Biden regime is laundering money to assist illegals to enter into the US.

Earlier today we reported on Biden’s tent city in Panama where terrorists land before coming directing into the US.

MICHAEL YON: “China Camp Is a Terrorist Bus Station to the United States Funded by the United States” (VIDEO)

Now we find out that the US is paying for these terrorists to come into the US.

This is Obama’s dream.  Obama hates America and its goodness.

According to the IOM website, America is laundering money to illegals, some of which are terrorists:

The Biden administration is laundering billions in taxpayer funds through Non-Governmental Organizations to facilitate illegal migration into the United States.

The State Department, for example, is offering a “loan” program to any foreigner around the world who desires to travel to the United States, claim without evidence that he or she is a “refugee,” and then resettle in the country — all subsidized by U.S. taxpayers.

As described by the the United States Refugee Admissions Program on its official website , the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Travel Loan Program “helps to provide penalty and interest-free loans to refugees arriving in the United States.”

“Refugees who accept these travel loans are required to sign a promissory note prior to departure, committing themselves to repayment of the debt within a determined period after arrival,” the program description notes.

IOM “arranges travel for refugee using funds furnished by the Department of State and is mandated to subsequently receive refugees’ repayments on behalf of the Department of State,” the website explains. “Repayments made are remitted to a revolving fund created between the Department of State and IOM for use by the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) to defray the cost of future refugee travel.”

Biden/Obama should be thrown in prison for their anti-America actions put in place to destroy this country.  These people are not on the side of Americans.  They are criminals.

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