Biden/Obama Prove They are Fascist – Communists in Latest Campaign Ad | Joe Hoft


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Biden/Obama Prove They are Fascist – Communists in Latest Campaign Ad

The Biden/Obama regime are fascist communists trying to totally destroy America.  They prove it every day. 

The Biden/Obama regime looks up its political dissidents from Jan 6.  It does the same with President Trump’s top aid, Dr. Peter Navarro and is trying to place President Trump in prison.  None of these indicted by the Biden/Obama gang committed crimes.  The crimes were committed and still are being committed daily by this regime.

They give aid to America’s enemies like the Taliban and Iran.  They aid China economically.  They allow terrorists to walk across our border and are doing their best to bring the American economy to its knees with massive government spending.

America is a mess because of this regime.

To prove its fascist – communist anti American beliefs the Biden/Obama regime brags about its crimes.

These crooks do this every day because they know there is no accountability for their crimes.  They can kill four Trump supporters on Jan 6 and be rewarded for doing so.

Like any good communist regime, Biden is bragging about jailing President Trump, the man who they stole their election from.  This is projection and evil in their purest forms.

Stephen Miller shared his disdain for this radical anti-America regime.

This is an evil takeover of America by some very, very bad people. 

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  1. And I might add to all the “We cant split the vote” GOP EUNUCH fanboys out there please explain to me how we are winning now with the EUNUCH GOP congress as they fight amongst themselves. You people are PATHETIC. MAGA party now!


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