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Biden/Obama Lie – They Will Not Stop $6 Billion Payment to Iran

Biden/Obama promise to stop the $6 billion to Iran if used for terrorism but they have done nothing. 

Americans are very upset with the corrupt America hating Biden/Obama administration.

Redstate shared two days ago:

Though the statement President Joe Biden gave Tuesday about Hamas’ terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians was far more pointed regarding the situation and supportive of Israel than the brief, bumbling remarks he gave Saturday, the overall response from the Biden administration to date has to many, to put it mildly, been sorely lacking and quite frankly unacceptable.

To further prove the point, we turn to a State Dept. briefing held earlier where spokesman Matt Miller and Associated Press reporter Matt Lee had a heated exchange on the issue of the $6 billion in Iranian assets Biden unfroze as part of a hostage-freeing deal with Iran that was first reported on in July, but which became official in September.

Since the attacks began, Republicans and other staunch supporters of Israel have been accusing Biden of essentially helping to fund the atrocities being committed by Hamas, pointing to the $6 billion hostage-swapping agreement and how it paved the way for Iran to further fund attacks on U.S. allies in the region. Relatedly, some House and Senate Republicans are now calling on Biden to refreeze those assets in light of the Israel-Hamas war.

Watch the exchange with Matt Miller below carefully.

It is now understood that Iran backed Hamas (and probably always has).

What Matt Miller shared is the following which appears to be glossed over:

The second thing I will say is that Iran has always funded terrorism.  They have always funded malign activities in the region and that’s why we have always taken action to hold them account.  But this money can only be used for humanitarian purposes.  Not a cent of it has been spent at this point.  And we have the ability to freeze it at any time.

Not only, why was it ever given, but based on the Biden gang’s own words, why is the Biden gang not freezing the money to Iran today!

Update: Per Redstate, Obama/Biden have finally refreezed money to Iran.  We’ll have to see what this really means. 

Double Update: It looks like it is all BS.  Iran will get the $6 billion. 


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