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BIDEN LIES: Crime Family Edition

Biden Family 2

BIDEN LIES: Crime Family Edition

The Trump Team provided this.

BIDEN LIE: “I did not” interact with Hunter’s foreign business associates.

Crooked Joe Biden has interacted with nearly every one of the foreign associates who have funneled the Biden Crime Family money over the years — including dinners with Kazakhstani and Russian oligarchs, handshakes with Chinese businessmen, and speakerphone calls (on at least two dozen occasions) — all while Biden was vice president.

Moreover, Hunter’s business made at least 80+ White House visits during Biden’s vice presidency.

BIDEN LIE: “I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses.”

Emailstextsphotosvisitor logs, voicemail, and firsthand accounts all show Crooked Joe Biden repeatedly discussed his family’s corrupt business schemes — and has done so for years. Crooked Joe was even in the room during Hunter’s shakedown of his Chinese business partner!

BIDEN LIE: Hunter’s laptop was “a [Russian] smear campaign.”

Since the Biden campaign colluded with Big Tech to censor the bombshell “laptop from hell” story just weeks before the 2020 election, the laptop’s veracity has been confirmed by multiple media outlets — as well as Biden’s own DOJ.

It wasn’t Russian disinformation as the infamous 51 “SPIES WHO LIED” alleged; the narrative was blatant election interference designed to propel Crooked Joe into the White House.

BIDEN LIE: It’s “not true” that Hunter’s associates funeled millions to the Biden family.

The Biden Crime Family has profited off their corrupt deals and influence peddling schemes for years. Through a complicated maze of shell companies designed to hide the payments, the Bidens made millions laundered from Chinese nationals, Ukrainian nationals, and Russian oligarchsamong others.

BIDEN LIE: Nothing was unethical” about the Biden Crime Family’s corrupt deals.

Crooked Joe was “THE BRAND” — and brought the most value to “THE BRAND,” according to testimony from former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski.

That brand — the influence of a high-ranking U.S. government official — was sold by the Biden Crime Family to the highest bidder as they “signaled” power, access, and influence to enrich themselves, all while the Fake News and Biden’s corrupt DOJ ran cover.

Crooked Joe Biden’s record is indefensible — so all he can do is LIE, and that’s exactly what he is going to do on Thursday night.

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