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Biden Economy Is A Disaster – It’s Laughable

The Biden economy is a disaster and everyone knows it.  Just go buy a couple ice cream cones at your local ice cream parlor and you will see how prices are two or three times more than they were when Biden stole the election.

President Trump shared a message on the terrible Biden economy:

“Bidenomics” is the opposite of President Trump’s Historic Economy. President Trump’s Success is low taxes, low regulations, low inflation, maximizing American energy production for affordable energy, fair trade, and no job-killing globalist agreements.

“Bidenomics” is high taxes, crippling regulations, crushing inflation, war on American energy, soaring energy costs, job killing globalist intentional agreements like the Paris Climate Accord, and total economic surrender to China and other foreign countries. America First economics vs. America Last.

Every plank of President Trump’s economy makes it easier, more attractive for American jobs, American workers and American families in the U.S. Every plank of “Bidenomics” hurts jobs and workers in America and rewards outsourcers and foreign producers.

Biden and the Radical Democrat Congress singlehandedly created the highest inflation in decades. They spent trillions of dollars and pursued the socialist joke known as the Green New Deal. Now the inflation and high interest rates that Biden caused have resulted in the Biden Banking Crisis—a disaster of historic proportions.

– Through Biden’s energy-crippling policies, Americans suffered the highest national average price of gasoline ever recorded in American history.[1]

– Biden’s runaway spending for his radical agenda caused inflation to reach 14.9%.[2]

– America has experienced three of the four worst bank failures in our nation’s history under Biden.[3]

– 70% of Americans reported feeling financially stressed under Biden,[4] and 58% of Americans reported living paycheck to paycheck.[5]

– Nearly 25 million Americans are behind on their credit cards, auto loans, or personal loans – a number not seen since 2009.[6]

– 54 percent of Americans reported using savings to pay for everyday expenses such as groceries and rent.[7]

– Americans have lost over $10,000 on average for the increased cost of living since “Bidenomics” began.[8]

– A record number of Americans said they are worse off financially since Biden became president.[9]

– According to a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll,[10] 74% say their financial situation is not improving, with almost half saying their financial situation is getting worse under “Bidenomics.”

– The average American family lost $7,100 in purchasing power under Biden due to inflation and high interest rates.[11]

– According to a recent Fox News poll, 83% of voters say the economy is in only fair or poor shape.[12] Overall, a large 90% majority is concerned about inflation, including 85% of Democrats.

– Americans have lost on average over $2,250 by paying increased energy costs since Biden took office.[13]

– Gas prices are up more than $1 per gallon since Biden took office.[14]

– 1 in 4 Americans have cut back on retirement savings because of inflation.[15]

– Under “Bidenomics,” nearly 20 million households are behind on their utility bills.[16]

– Savings are down, real wages are down, and economic confidence is down.[17][18][19]

– According to a recent CNN poll conducted by SSRS, 66% of Americans disapprove on how Biden’s handled the economy, with 76% describing the economy as in poor shape.[20]





















President Trump is right. 

This Monday Stuart Varney and former Trump economist Larry Kudlow couldn’t stop laughing at the horrible economy called Bidenomics.

Biden’s economy is no laughing matter. 

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