Biden Administration Pressured Israel to Not Retaliate to Iran’s Attack | Joe Hoft


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Biden Administration Pressured Israel to Not Retaliate to Iran’s Attack

The reason that Israel has not responded to Iran’s attack on Saturday is because of pressure from the Biden Administration. 

On Saturday Iran sent hundreds of drones and missiles towards Israel in an unannounced and unwarranted attack.  This attack was synchronized to destroy the tiny nation.

We learned after the attack that Biden gave his blessings to Iran before the attack.  This is something we have never seen before.

SINFUL: Joe Biden Gave the Green Light to Iran to Bomb Israel

After the attack, Biden lied and claimed that Iran was only targeting military facilities.  This was not true.

Biden Lies to Protect Iran After Attacking Israel with Drones and Missiles

Over and over the Biden/Obama regimes have supported terrorists in Iran.  The Jewish News Syndicate reported overnight:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu backtracked on a pre-approved military response to Iran’s massive drone and missile attack due to pressure by U.S. President Joe Biden, Israel’s Kan public broadcaster reported Wednesday.

Biden reportedly told Netanyahu during a phone call on Saturday that Washington would not participate in nor support an Israeli retaliatory attack.

According to the report, Netanyahu thereafter shelved a series of options that had already been approved by the Cabinet.

“The response won’t be what was planned, diplomatic sensitivities won out,” the report quoted a senior Israeli source as saying. Nevertheless, the source stressed that there would be some form of action against Iranian interests.

A U.S. official told ABC News on Wednesday that the Israeli response could now come after the Passover holiday, which begins Monday evening and ends April 30.

The ABC report citedIsraeli officials as saying that Jerusalem on two occasions this week dropped imminent plans to strike Iran.

Overnight Saturday, Iran launched more than 300 missiles and drones at Israel. The IDF said it and its military allies intercepted some 99% of the projectiles.

The Biden administration has no idea what it is doing in the Middle East or it is trying to create WWIII.

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