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BEYOND BELIEF – Demonic Antifa Woman Harasses Ashli Babbitt’s Mother – Guess Who Gets Arrested?

What’s happening to Ashli Babbitt’s mother is beyond belief.  

Day after day, Ashli Babbitt’s mother prays with Jan 6 inmates, sings the National Anthem with them and attends their court hearings in DC’s kangaroo Obama Judge courts.  Micki Witthoeft is a Christian woman who is doing all she can to support those being persecuted in DC for non-crimes.

Four Trump supporters were killed by Capitol Police on Jan 6.  Ashli Babbitt was shot in cold blood and died inside the Capitol.

Since that day, Ms. Witthoeft is there for those who are being persecuted and held in prison.  Defendant Jake Lang has been in jail for three birthdays and still doesn’t have a court date.  Others have been beaten so badly that at least one man lost an eye.  The jail is nasty with overflowing toilets and roaches everywhere.  Some inmates are prevented from receiving their medicine.  It’s horrible.

While Ms. Witthoeft has been praying with inmates and protesting the seditious acts of the DOJ and the Biden/Obama gang, she has been brutally attacked by a woman saying unbelievable things her.

On Monday, a march for the Jan 6 protesters held in jail took place in DC.  Micki Witthoeft was there.

Good Micki Witthoeft had enough of the evil and possessed woman. She approached her and broke her microphone.

Jan 6 was a setup.  The seditionists needed it to take over the government and certify their election steal.  The devil was working with them. 

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