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Bernie and Gramma Zheng

See similar post at posted on Thursday October 22, 2015.

While Bernie Sanders was pushing socialism comparing the US to China, my wife and I were visiting Gramma Zheng in Hubei province, whose first husband died of starvation from Mao’s socialist policies. Gramma Zheng’s first husband would rather feed his wife and their three daughters the small amount of food rations available than watch them die of starvation, and although they survived, he did not.

Catherine and Gramma

Democratic Socialist Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders tweeted this week — “China – not exactly seen as a model when it comes to human rights – provides 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. The US provides zero.”

Actor James Woods tweeted in response – ““China has notoriously killed female infants for population control, you utter moron. #ChinaGendercide.”

Although China did institute maternity leave benefits in 2011, the leave is rarely enforced and the benefit is paltry at best ($2000). Also, because the maternity leave is paid by companies, 46% of the more than 1.3 billion Chinese who work in the more rural areas are not eligible for the benefit.

As reported previously, in 2011 the US spent more than 30 times that of China on social programs per capita. In 2013 the ratio was closer to 17 times that of China, but the data is suspect as China most likely over reports the amount of benefits to its citizenry and the US most likely under reports similar amounts. The true ratio is probably much higher than the US spending 30 times more than China on social programs per capita but it is difficult to determine.

Today communist China is becoming more capitalistic and the US is becoming more socialist. As a result, socialist China is becoming more prosperous and the US is approaching a fiscal cliff. Poverty is being reduced in China and poverty is on the rise in the US.

Someone needs to tell Sanders that socialism does not work and indeed it kills.




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