BEN BERGQUAM on TERRORISTS Entering the USA: “This Is Not A Joke…How Many More Have Gotten Through?” | Joe Hoft


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BEN BERGQUAM on TERRORISTS Entering the USA: “This Is Not A Joke…How Many More Have Gotten Through?”

Ben Bergquam

Ben Bergquam follows up yesterday’s report on the border with a serious warning for America. 

Ben Bergquam has been reporting from the US Southern Border since the Biden regime stole the 2020 Presidential election.  This corrupt regime tore apart the many efforts by the Trump Administration to protect America’s immigration system.  Now the border is a hell hole where illegals by the millions have crossed into the US unabated.

Yesterday Bergquam reported on an interview with an Iranian man who crossed into the US.  The point is that millions are crossing in the US and many are likely dangerous America haters waiting to destroy America.

BIDEN DESTRUCTION: Frightening Evidence “Biden and the Democrats Are National Security Threats” (VIDEO)

Bergquam follows this up with another serious message today.

If you thought that interview yesterday was bad, you won’t believe this. *This is not a joke. And I am posting this in the hopes that it helps make our country safer, because after my experience yesterday, I’m even more concerned!

I received what I believe to be a credible tip on a potential terror suspect that has come across our border and spent an hour and a half yesterday trying to get somebody to investigate it. This is part of my phone call with Border Patrol who suggested I contact the Department of Homeland Security tip line. I truly could not believe what I was told!

Not only are Joe Biden, and the Democrats allowing our country to be invaded, this is how incompetent the process for reporting potential threats is. I guess when your priority is advancing DEI, and attacking January 6 patriots I shouldn’t be surprised. We desperately need to get people in charge of this country that put this country first again.

I did finally get a congressional office and a different agency to take it seriously and have passed the information on. The only thing I can’t help but think is how many more have gotten through, and we have no idea who or where they are! Pray for our country and getting involved to help save it. #Trump2024 #SaveAmerica Law & Border – Real America’s Voice News @RealAmVoice

See his message below:

Biden is intentionally trying to destroy this great country by bringing in terrorists and foreign nationals who want to destroy this country. 


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