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Before He “Became a Psycho, a Very Sick Puppy” Alec Baldwin Wanted to Play Trump in a Movie


President Trump is coming out with a new book that includes letters he received from a number of people during his life.  

Last week President Trump released a letter that he is including in his new book: Letters to Trump.  This letter was from President Richard Nixon who gave citizen Trump a word of encouragement back in 1987 for when he decides to run for President.

Trump Releases Letter He Received from Nixon in 1987: ‘Whenever You Decide to Run for Office …’

Yesterday President Trump released another letter that will be included in his upcoming book: Letters to Trump.

This letter comes from Alec Baldwin.  President Trump shared a few comments about Baldwin on Truth Social when sharing this letter:

Alec Baldwin used to beg to play my life in a movie. With time, I believe Alec became a psycho, a very sick puppy. Check out the letter Alec wrote to me, many years ago. My new book, LETTERS TO TRUMP, comes out next week! An incredible collection of correspondence. Get your copy today:

Here is the letter:

Baldwin went on to play President Trump on Saturday Night Live showing his lack of acting skills and his hate for President Trump during Trump’s first term in office.  The far-left loved it.

Baldwin then went on to shoot and kill Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust” in 2021.  Baldwin was charged with crimes related to the shooting but yesterday these charges were dropped.

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