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BEAST ON BEAST: BLM Sues Tides Foundation

BLM is suing Radical Left Piggybank Tides Foundation

It’s not surprising that a corrupt far-Left organization is suing another corrupt far-Left organization.

A progressive non-profit is being sued by BLM for sponsoring pro-Palestine groups and fueling college campus protests as well as withholding over $33million in donations.

Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) is suing Tides Foundation for fraud, according to a bombshell lawsuit.

The group, which has managed hundreds of millions of dollars for left-wing groups since its creation in 1976, has allegedly withheld BLM donations.

In a 285-page lawsuit filed in California Superior Court, Los Angeles County, on Monday, it was alleged Tides ‘refused to honor its promises and continues to commandeer BLMGNF’s donations.’

The lawsuit claimed Tides spread an undisclosed amount of donations to an unaffiliated radical BLM breakaway group – spearheaded by anti-police activist Melina Abdullah.

Black Lives Matter riots were 1,000 times more destructive than the Jan 6 protest but BLM made millions in donations from major corporations, sports leagues and more.

JAN 6 REMEMBERED: Confirmed: Jan. 6 Protest Resulted in Estimated $1.5 Million in Damages — Or 1/1000th of Damages by Black Lives Matter-Antifa Protests in 2020

Now the Tides foundation is taking their money. 

Hat tip Bob B.

3 thoughts on “BEAST ON BEAST: BLM Sues Tides Foundation”

  1. Soros doing what he does best. There should be no winners in this case. Court case could prove interesting though…

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  2. One dog excrement organization fighting another dog excrement organization…I have no one to root for.


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