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Barack Hussein Obama Remains Silent on Hamas Attack on Israel


Former President Barack Hussein Obama remains silent on Hamas attack on Israel. 

To some this may be surprising, but to others it makes sense.  Barack Obama has not said one word about the murder of over a thousand individuals in Israel at the hands of terrorist group Hamas.

This fits in exactly with this piece released earlier today.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden/Obama Used Climate Change as an Excuse to Help Iran Kill Israelis

Obama hates Israel and America for that matter.  This may sound a bit too straightforward for some but all indications suggest this is the truth.

The way Obama looked at Netanyahu is one example.  The fact Obama gave Iran billions in 2016 and then Biden/Obama did the same less than a month ago.  Obama also gave Jewish and Christian holy sites to the Palestinians on Christmas Day 2016.  These are not acts of someone who hates Islamic terrorists and loves Israel.

UnHerd shares the point that Obama didn’t say a word about the murdered Israelis and Americans at the hands of Hamas over the weekend.

It’s been over 48 hours since the terror rampage that struck Israel. And in that time there has been a flood of statements of support from around the world as well, of course, as vile celebrations of the deaths of Jews.

But amid all the voices that have spoken, one stands out among them for its silence. For these past 48 hours, Barack Obama has not issued a single word in response to the catastrophe. At the time of writing, he has still not issued a statement of support, or even so much as calls for restraint. One may come soon (and, by the time you read this, may already have arrived), but this vast stretch of silence has already become deafening.

On the face of it, it seems that there’s no possible explanation for this. It may be tempting to think that the former president is conflicted and “working through” his feelings, or that he’s coordinating a statement with his team. But this would miss the point entirely.

The situation unfolding in Israel is precisely the one for which Obama laid the foundation during the eight years of his presidency. The Iran deal, in whose name the administration twisted itself into a moral pretzel, was forced into policy not because Obama has any great passion for the mullahs in Tehran, but because it was predicated on a wholesale restructuring of the Middle East.

In this view, an ascendant Iran would be a counter-balance to Israel. It would force Israel’s hand in dealing the Palestinian situation in the way that Obama and his foreign policy circle believed was the only way. It would counter Saudi Arabian power as well, creating a sort of triangle of tension to maintain balance. But the key to it was to speed up Iran’s march to power by allowing the country to remain at the edge of nuclear breakout, which is what — explicitly — the Iran deal did.

This may be the reason for the Iran deal or maybe Obama wanted to see Israel destroyed.  His actions indicate this was the point as well.

Obama’s silence is deafening. 

1 thought on “Barack Hussein Obama Remains Silent on Hamas Attack on Israel”

  1. obama is a radical muslim terrorist supporting communist , never forget that !! the truth of his entire time at the white house has proven how much he hates America. you cannot trust him nor ever turn your back on him. he comes from the truest saying ever written … ” enemies within enemies without ” , he is a judas to our nation , and has reaped many rewards from the backs of the American tax payer , and pay off’s from terrorist countries.


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