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Bad News for Fani Willis as Trump Attorneys Catch Her in Another Lie

Bad news for Fani Willis as Trump attorneys caught her in another lie.  

It has not gone well for Fani in Georgia lately.  The Soros-backed DA behind the BS lawsuits in Fulton County, Georgia at one time was parading on exquisite vacations with her prosecutor boyfriend.

But lately things changed.  Last week Fani admitted to crimes when responding to questioning under oath.  Fani claimed she used funds from her election to pay for things not related to her campaign.

TRAINWRECK: Fani Willis Implodes in Georgia Court – Admits to Potential Crimes While Berating Those Confronting Her

Now after admitting to the above, Fani got caught again.  President Trump’s attorneys caught her what appears to be a lie.

A groundbreaking filing by attorneys for former President Donald Trump appears to contradict assertions by Nathan Wade that he was at the home of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis no more than 10 times before being hired to her case against the former president.

Cellphone data obtained by Trump’s attorneys and submitted to Judge Scott McAfee on Friday appears to show Wade making at least 35 stops at Willis’ Hapeville neighborhood home before his hiring in November 2021. Relying on cellular tower data to triangulate Wade’s location, attorneys for Trump asserted that he arrived at Willis’ home twice late at night and left early the following mornings, both instances happening before Willis and Wade said their relationship began in early 2022.

The discovery of Wade’s cellular data adds another level of scrutiny to the testimony both he and Willis gave under oath. If Willis is found guilty of perjury, she may not only be at risk of being disqualified from the case, but may be open to criminal prosecution as well. Lying under oath in Georgia carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

If Fani Willis and her prosecutor would lie about little things like this, how can they be trusted on anything else?


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