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Bad Actors Connected to Democrat Governor Whitmer Instill Chaos in Michigan GOP – Killing Election Integrity Efforts

(Note information updated on January 4, 2024 below in red.)

The Michigan GOP is a mess.  That’s where Ronna Romney McDaniel comes from. 

After the 2020 Election it was clear that the Michigan GOP was due for a massive overhaul.  The GOP led Senate came out with a report ignoring the mountains of evidence of election fraud in the state that read like George Soros wrote the report himself.

The report ignored or discarded the thousands of ballots dropped off in the middle of Election night. (See picture above.)

The report ignored the efforts to prevent the GOP from seeing what was going on in the election counting.  Election workers were cheering each time a GOP observer was prevented from observing election activities in Detroit.  This is where the mountains of absentee votes were counted.

The Biden only ballot drops of hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden were ignored.

When Rudy Giuliani presented the mounds of evidence of fraud in Michigan after the election, it was difficult to tell who was a Democrat or a member of the GOP, both sides were critical of Giuliani.

After living through all of this, the good people in the state wanted a change. 

Then came the 2022 elections where the same tricks were in place and the election results showed it, good people in Michigan charged forward.  To the chagrin of the elites in the Michigan GOP, Kristina Karamo was elected the head of the state’s GOP.

Karamo was soon under fire.  GOP elites claimed she can’t raise any money.  Her efforts to address election integrity issues were criticized.  Those who have put in long hours since 2020 to address election integrity issues are under fire as well.

One of the leaders in criticizing Karamo is Bree Moeggenberg.  She is reportedly a state GOP committee member.  She is calling for Karamo’s removal from head of the GOP.

The problem with Ms. Moeggenberg is her apparent affinity for corrupt communist Governor Gretchen Whitmer who is no friend of fair and transparent elections.  Ms. Moeggenberg posted on her Facebook account a picture with her and Governor Whitmer from last year.  Ms. Moeggenberg signed the photo as Bree-Wonder Woman because she sometimes reportedly dresses up as Wonder Woman.

Ms. Bree Moeggenberg is one member of the Michigan GOP who is determined to see Karamo removed from head of the state’s GOP for nearly a year now.  Other members working against Karamo are reportedly also work actively against election integrity efforts.

The above picture shows Bree at a Christmas party recently with Warren Carpenter who is also a big proponent of the get rid of Karamo movement.  Carpenter reportedly created 140 page report that some say was mostly bogus that Laura Loomer reportedly used as her source material in a recent attack on Karamo.

Ms. Loomer was on a podcast this past week with Donna Brandenburg and Warren Carpenter.

Ms. Moeggenberg spoke with me on Thursday morning January 4th.  She shared that she is not a Democrat in any way and she is a state GOP committee member.  She worked diligently during the COVID pandemic to stand up for children’s rights and against toddler mask mandates. 

Ms. Moeggenberg locally spearheaded efforts to recall school board members for pushing mask mandates.  She has attended numerous State Board of Education meetings and is a Trump activist having supported many Trump events.  She says that the comments above about being connected to Whitmer are are not true.  She attended the event when she heard Whitmer was going to be in her area.  Democrats there who knew her confronted her for being there.  Although she was at one time a big supporter of Kristina Karamo she no longer supports her being Head of the GOP in Michigan.  

Moeggenberg, Carpenter and others want to see Karamo removed from the head of the GOP in Michigan.  Many fear that this would be an injustice and the end of election integrity in the state.

Individuals from the election integrity effort that is being criticized by Carpenter and Loomer have shared that they have only worked towards efforts to make elections freer and more transparent across the country.  They claim that they are being bad-mouthed by individuals who have no idea what the group is doing.

The fact is there is a concerted effort to remove outspoken election integrity expert from the top job of the GOP in Michigan.  It also appears clear, that if this happens, election integrity efforts in the state will be pushed back and a different agenda will be in its place.  

(Note some minor edits were made on Jan 1.)

10 thoughts on “Bad Actors Connected to Democrat Governor Whitmer Instill Chaos in Michigan GOP – Killing Election Integrity Efforts”

  1. I know Bree. I don’t stand behind her efforts to remove Karamo. She, with no authority, is calling for a Jan. 6th “special meeting” to oust Kristina and change the bylaws. How can she do this? By IGNORING the bylaws!!! Only the chair can vall a special meeting. Members may ask for one, and the chair has 45 days To respond. She dis and scheduled a special meeting January 13th. Bree and company can meet, but CAN NOT conduct party business. I’m ashamed I live in the same town. However, I find it hard to swallow she Likes Whitmer, that doesn’t make sense, there is context you are missing. It is a mischaracterization, and wrong; however, Ido NOT SUPPORT these lawless efforts.

    • Did you support the lawless payment of nearly 90K $ to Joe Moss without SC vote? Did you support the 110K $ loan from Jim Copas the right hand man to Karamo without SC vote raising MRP Debt ? Do you support the lawless exemption of SC CoChair and Cice Chairs in all party business?

    • A communist removed from Madison Heights city council always dressed up like wonder woman. Kymm Clark, removed by public demand for fraud. Its a thing in democratic circles.

    • I felt like she was one of those kooky fake MAGA extremist planted to make the Republican party look like goof balls. I heard that leftist reporters and photographers look for the silliest extremist looking in the crowd of Republicans to interview when they are doing a slanted piece.

  2. It was a mess intentionally by the old regime who have been on a mission to remove Kristina since the night she was voted in. If they can’t be in control then they will burn it down. But let’s recall what the previous leadership did by continuously working with the DEMs. How about in 2018 they paid the fellow that stepped forward to run for either AG or SOS to stay off the ballot $225,000. Why? Because they wanted a woman in the position and how has that worked out for us?

  3. I would ask Mr Carpenter about the nonprofit called the Whistleblower Fund, Inc. set up Oct. 17, 2023 about a week after he stepped down as District Chair. He is listed as Resident Agent with Matthew Wilk listed as Incorporator. I wonder what it’s about, if he is getting paid through it, who are the donors, etc.?


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