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AWESOME – President Trump ReTruths Comments on Corrupt GOP Senators

President Trump shared the comments under his Truth about the corrupt and weak GOP Senate.  They say it all. 

Yesterday, President Trump shared a Truth about the weak and corrupt GOP members in the US Senate.

Who is a worse Senator, John “The Stiff” Cornyn of Texas, or Mitt “The Loser” Romney of Massachusetts (Utah?)? They are both weak, ineffective, and very bad for the Republican Party, and our Nation. With even modestly skilled opposition, they’ll lose their next Election. Who could ever forget Mitt proudly marching, with full mask, down a once proud Washington, D.C. street with BLM and Rioters? Likewise there’s Cornyn, always quick to surrender to the Dems, giving them anything they want?

Today President Trump shared some of the comments to this post – here is a sample of the comments President Trump shared:

Mitt was anti Trump for 7 years EXCEPT when he wanted the Secretary of State job, to get leverage to cover up his Ukraine crimes.

Romney hands down but Cornyn is worthless too.

Cornyn is a Globalist sellout traitor. He must hate America. Texas is ashamed of this clown.

I see you are reading the comments under this post, Mr President.
I just wanted to write you a message to tell you how much regular Americans love you- we have your back. I was old enough to vote for you in my first presidential election and my vote was stolen. I’ve been researching election fraud and the deep state ever since!
I look forward to voting for you again in 2024! I can’t wait for the Patriot celebration in 2025!!
Thank you for caring about my country the way you do.

Mitt Romney is the Liz Cheney of Utah.

Truly a lowlife.

Probably John the stiff cuz we’ve known Romney’s been a RINO for years

I am going to go with Pierre Delecto/aka Mittens Romney

yes his twitter handle was Pierre’ Delecto. He is that weird.

President Trump is right about the worthless GOP Senators who arguably are Democrats and therefore traitors to this great country.

They all need to go so we can place individuals who love this country and put that first in our US Senate. 

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