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EXCLUSIVE: “Watch the Tide – It Will Overpower Deep State Sandcastles” – TGP’s Joe Hoft Interviews President Trump’s Friend and Attorney Peter Ticktin (VIDEO)

(also posted at The Gateway Pundit)

Peter Ticktin joined Joe Hoft at the Gateway Pundit on Saturday morning to discuss his past with President Trump, and especially the recent events surrounding the President’s RICO case against the corrupt actors behind the Russia collusion scam. 

Ticktin has known President Trump since his youth when they both were in a military academy during their high school years.

The academy helped shape Donald Trump, Ticktin says:

He couldn’t be just an upper class or an upper middle-class snob, you had to get along with the people who were there, whoever they were.  And I think that lasted him the rest of his life because he knows how to get along with blue-collar workers…he could probably mix a truck of cement or get the forms right. ..Donald’s the kind of guy who knows how to mix it up with whoever he’s talking…

…Donald’s an amazing character.  He’s really a good guy, not just a hero that puts on a superman costume… He’s authentically a really good person…He’s got the patience of a saint and also he’s clever and intuitive.

Ticktin more recently is back in President Trump’s life helping with some court cases.  He’s the local counsel in the case against Hillary Clinton.  He also did some work with Jan 6 and the election.

Ticktin thinks the Jan 6 lawsuits against President Trump should be dismissed based on the law.

In regards to the RICO case against Hillary, Comey, McCabe, and others, Ticktin believes the case which was dismissed by a Clinton judge on Friday will get reversed in the Court of Appeals.

Ticktin discussed Judge Middlebrooks and his decision to dismiss the President’s RICO case at length.  He shared prior incidents in his life where it is difficult for others to see through their own biases.

Ticktin mentioned that he asked Judge Middlebrooks to recuse himself from President Trump’s RICO case against Hillary Clinton because he was appointed by Bill Clinton.  But the judge refused.

We reported previously that Middlebrooks then allowed the DOJ and FBI to take the place of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Clinesmith even though Comey, McCabe, and Strzok were fired from the FBI and Clinesmith was charged with crimes related to the Russia collusion case.  Page left the FBI as well.  The fact that the DOJ even offered to replace these individuals is outrageous since they all left their government jobs in shame.  This was unprecedented.

EXCLUSIVE TRUMP RICO CASE I – Clinton Appointed Judge Allowed Government to Insert Itself in Trump RICO Case in Place of Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page and Clinesmith

Next, the subject of the Mar-a-Lago raid was discussed.  Attorney Ticktin used an analogy of a sand castle in replying:

When the tide is coming in, you see the sand castle start getting, slowly but surely the water comes in and reduces it down so it becomes no sandcastle anymore and we watch the destruction of it as the tide comes in.  And that’s what we’re doing here.  We’re watching the sand castle.

Watch the tide…The sand castle is the raid on Mar-a-Lago…the arrest of Peter Navarro…We don’t know how far this is going to go but we do know that if the election was stolen, assuming for a moment it was stolen, whatever your beliefs are.  We shouldn’t be having beliefs about facts either.  We should have knowledge about facts.  We look at evidence and we determine facts. ..

…I know for a fact it was stolen…What does that mean?  That means that the powers that be, the people behind Biden that put him in his place, had this major conspiracy for certain purposes…Whatever purposes they are, they needed to take over the government…

Ticktin went on to mention that Alina Habba is the lead counsel in the RICO case.

This battle is far from over.

Hundreds Of Conservative Websites Were Purged From The Internet To Stop ‘The Next Trump Situation’: Joe Hoft Reveals How The Gateway Pundit Emerged As Top News Site Amid The Unprecedented War On Free Speech

Reposted from The Gateway Pundit – article by Alicia Powe

The media landscape completely transformed leading up to the 2016 election.

Reports exposing corruption and the corporate media’s ongoing attempt to manipulate the public lit up the web like forest fires. Suddenly, the mainstream media was no longer the gatekeeper of the news.

Scores of news sites, most prominently World Net Daily, Young Cons, America’s Freedom Fighters, and Clash Daily, were thriving as their reports garnered thousands and millions of “likes” and “shares” on Facebook.

Big Tech acquired unadulterated power as an unprecedented number of content creators, namely “conservative,” media monetized the platforms to circulate content exposing the truth and false narratives.

Tech giants resorted to collusion with the Democrat Party, the World Health Organization and even the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations to “stop the next Trump situation,” hijack the internet and rape and pillage the First Amendment.

Following President Trump’s miraculous 2016 victory, the mainstream media and tech conglomerates targeted every publication that investigated or called attention to content published by WikiLeaks.

Big media and big tech started labeling any publication calling attention to the corruption “fake news” for the first time in January 2017. The AI overlords began its relentless purge of prominent “conservative” sites, any site that diverged from the deep state-run narrative, from the web.

TECH GIANTS LAUNCH MASSIVE PURGE of Top Conservative Sites on Facebook, YouTube — WHERE THE HELL IS THE GOP?

BREAKING: Infowars Website DOWN

TYRANNY ON PARADE=> YouTube Deletes Natural News Channel as Google Ramps Up Purge of Conservative Channels

Americans continue to languish in solitary confinement for protesting the obviously stolen 2020 election and the illegitimate executive branch continues to weaponize the Justice Department to ramp up its war on free speech.

The Gateway Pundit’s Joe Hoft, author of the new book “The Steal, revealed how The Gateway Pundit has managed to not only survive the machine’s war against the First Amendment but emerged as one of the top sources for news on the web, garnering nearly 3 million viewers daily amid the sweeping censorship.  

TGP, which Wikipedia states is a “far-right fake news website,” began garnering a viewership larger than that of network and cable news after 2016.

“In 2016, Jim was really instrumental in bringing Hillary down. As a matter of fact, we saw a couple of studies that were done, they were really hit pieces, to say GP and others are fake news,” Hoft said in an interview with talk show host Jason Bermas.

But the data that they had showed that GP was the fourth largest conservative website and was competing with the likes of ABC, FOX, CNBC, NBC, and all these others. There are very few entities that were bigger in regards to FB shares and Twitter shares,” he continued. “So what happened right after the 2016 election is they started censoring.

A study Hoft, a veteran auditor, conducted for the Gateway Pundit showed top conservative sites on social media were only able to amass less than 5 percent of their viewer from Facebook following big tech’s purge.

“Some of these sites, their whole platform was on Facebook and they were just gone. YoungCons and a couple of others –gone. Never heard from anymore. They de-platformed them,” he said.” Then you saw Zuckerberg go in front of Congress and just sit there with that non-emotional face of his and say, ‘ Oh no we don’t censor.’ That was really repulsive.

“All that was left, 5 percent. Before the election in 2016, we could tell how powerful a post was by the number of shares and then they started censoring it. Then pretty soon, that measurement wasn’t there anymore.

The hate and lies propagated by the actual fake news industry is a “gift” to TGP, Hoft argued.

“We were given a gift in 2020 when nobody else would report on the election. We are just sitting back just pounding through the stuff, ‘This doesn’t make sense, this doesn’t make sense, this doesn’t make sense and it goes on and on and on. ”

Google is currently partnered with the World Health Organization to remove and bury “COVID-19 misinformation” from its algorithms and search engine.

The company which removed its former motto “don’t be evil.” from its corporate code of conduct in 2018, was “funded by In-Q-Tel, the division of the CIA that invests in technology,” warned Bermas, a documentary filmmaker and former InfoWars host.

“They cut deals not only with the NSA apparatus but NASA in quantum computing and AI,” he said. “They are a Trojan horse civilian system. They have the number one search engine in the world…they have the number two search engine in the world, which is YouTube, which is also the number one video platform in the world. They also have the number one operating system and device in the world, which is Android. How could you tell me that isn’t cornering the market and having an unfair share in what is able to be shared amongst regular people?

“It has gotten to the point where there are not only downranking, but it is almost impossible to find things that are archived even from mainstream media that are over a decade old… Their ‘authoritative sources,’ which are nothing more than extensions of the media military-industrial complex.”

Yet, TGP continues to attract approximately 1.2 million “daily first-time visitors” daily and reached nearly a billion readers in 2021.

“More real news comes out of The Gateway Pundit in a day than you will see in national news media in a month,” Bermas noted.

There is only one way to preserve free speech, the US and our freedoms despite the seemingly- insurmountable obstacles, Hoft shot back.

“The remedy is to continue to share the truth,” he forewarned. “Continue to fight every day. Share the truth. Share the truth. Share the truth.”

“YouTube kicked Jim [Hoft] off. If you go to Google, you get five pages of garbage before you get the website page. This is today’s fascist, communist, regimes that are running our social media platforms,” Hoft added.”But we just kept doing the truth. That is the answer.”


Hoft’s New Book, The Steal: Volume II The Impossible Occurs, which comprehensively details exactly how the predator class and enemies of freedom stole the 2020 presidential election, just hit store shelves.

You can purchase it here:


The 2020 Election Results Were “Not Verifiable” and “Not Certifiable” – TGP’s Joe Hoft on the War Room with Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon invited Joe Hoft on the War Room with Steve Bannon on Sunday morning at Mike Lindell’s Truth Summit to discuss his new book, The Steal: Volume II – The Impossible Occurs

Bannon was at the Summit in Missouri this weekend and he had the Hoft brothers on.  Jim was on his show on Saturday.

TGP’s Jim Hoft with Steve Bannon at “Moment of Truth” Summit Hosted in Springfield MO

Then on Sunday, Bannon had Joe Hoft on to discuss his new book, The Steal: Volume II – The Impossible Occurs.

Joe shared the following in the interview:

You cannot make a decision on this stuff when it’s been tainted and all this stuff is tainted.  The only solution that would have probably worked, would have been stop, we need to do over.  This stuff [the 2020 Election results in multiple states] is not verifiable, it’s not certifiable. And that’s my piece here.  And you look at every area and it’s that way every single area.

You can purchase your copy of The Steal: Volume II – The Impossible Occurs here

One reader’s comments:

Couldn’t put this book down, Scary what corruption is going on, having lived in the middle east, our corrupt government rivals the worst of them!

“We’re Thinking…This RICO Case Was the Reason They Went In” – MUST SEE – Joe Hoft on “Eric Bolling The Balance” on Newsmax TV

The FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago was a day that America changed.  Never in US history have we seen the government invade the home of a President or former President of the United States.  

The night of the raid and the day after, America changed.  Around the world, experts were shocked that the Deep State FBI would partake in the criminal act of raiding the President’s home.  What was their reason for even considering such a horrible act?

The Day America Changed: Israeli News Labels FBI’s Raid on Mar-a-Lago “Kristallnacht” – Victor Davis Hanson Says US No Longer a Democracy

On Thursday TGP’s Joe Hoft went on with Eric Bolling of Newsmax where he discussed arriving at Mar-a-Lago a week ago and seeing armed agents blocking the entrance to the President’s home.

Bolling shared a clip from the live feed the week before outside Mar-a-Lago.  Then asked what it was like being at Mar-a-Lago on the night of the FBI raid.  Many Americans showed up to support their President only to find the entrance to the President’s home blocked by agents with guns.

Next Bolling asked what reason Jeffrey Epstein-related Judge Reinhart used for signing off on the warrant in the first place.  The response was as follows:

Rinehart was recently on… the RICO case that President Trump has with Hillary Clinton, the FBI, DOJ, some of these key players… Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Klinesmith, all these people that were involved in this attempted, what I call an attempted coup against the President of the United States.

What we know is that actually, Rinehart was one of the judges… that recused himself from the case. Only to 44 days later then sign this warrant for the FBI to then go into Mar-a-Lago.  You would think he had some sort of conflict there as well since he’d already recused himself from the case…

…But he is one of about five judges who’ve recused themselves from this case, so we’re thinking more and more that this RICO case was the reason they went in.

President Trump took some documents with him…and he declassified them all so he legally had them there.  And it looks like maybe the FBI came to grab some of those documents and take them with them and then what they can do is rather than release them they can say something like this is part of our investigation so you’re not going to be able to see them now because we took them from you…

See the interview below:

Below is our report on the RICO case and the FBI’s reaction to it.

EXCLUSIVE: TRUMP RICO CASE II – Epstein Related Judge Recused Himself from Trump RICO Case Then Signed FBI Warrant for Raid on Mar-a-Lago – FBI Likely Took Docs to Hide from Case