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ATTORNEY TOM RENZ: On The Missouri GOP War on The Freedom Caucus and MAGA

RINO Alert

Attorney Tom Renz shared this excellent post on the efforts to pay off RINOs in Red States and push through bills that go against the common man. 

RINOs across the country appear to be running the GOP.  Missouri is no exception.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: RINOs in Red States Commit Evil Acts to Maintain Power – Missouri Conservatives Are Fighting Back

Attorney Tom Renz is sharing an article that provides more information on this effort to usurp the American people with bogus laws pushed by billionaires.

Here is the beginning of the article attached:

The Uni-party wing of the GOP, funded and controlled by leftist billionaires are once again being rallied to undermine the true Republican agenda. Freedom Caucus members in the House and Senate are now being targeted by the ‘RINO Brigade’ at a state level.

The Republican Civil War within the Missouri Senate has seen some interesting developments over the past couple of days. For several years, the top priority of the House and Senate there has been Initiative Petition (IP) Reform. IP Reform is a tool to prevent leftist dark money groups from passing state consitutional amendments that promote trans issues in kids and abortion. Initiative Petition Reform is a critical issue and leaders from both chambers have stated a commitment to stopping out of state ‘dark money’ from far-left groups that are attempting to hijack broken IP processes in an effort to further their leftist policies. These attempts at IP Reform have been repeatedly attacked using lies cloaked in deceptive and misleading language.

At the bottom of this article you will find the office contact info for the Missouri Senate RINO brigade. Call them and let them know what you think. Also check out this link to our interviews with Freedom Caucus heroes Holly Jones and Bill Eigel:

The MAGA and America First Americans had a big win in the state of Missouri recently when a group of courageous elected officials decided to create the Missouri Freedom Caucus. As is the case with many of the Freedom Caucuses around the country the Missouri Freedom Caucus wanted to focus on America First issues and put people above special interests…

See much more at the article attached in Renz’s tweet above.

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