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Attorney Jeff Clark Exposes Jack Smith for Ignoring the Constitution to Get President Trump

Attorney Jeff Clark Exposed the corrupt and criminal Jack Smith for what he is using the Supreme Court’s decision as proof. 

Attorney Jeff Clark shares:

Chief Justice Roberts majority opinion in Trump v. U.S. is a logical, legal, and historical tour de force, which is one reason I’ve been parsing out my key observations about it, one by one.

The latest observation: The Chief sets out that the government (i.e., Jack Smith and his appellate lawyer, Michael Dreeben) conceded two key points that doom their position:

(1) Core constitutional powers of the President can’t be regulated at all by Congress (slip op. at 34); and

(2) At least some of the conduct alleged in the indictment involves official actions by President Trump (slip op. at 35).

So that might lead a rational person — and I hope you are one — to ask the question, so how did Jack Smith think he could get ever possibly get away with such an indictment? The two concessions don’t add up and should have led to either no indictment of Trump or at least a slimmer indictment.

Then the Chief delivers the coup de grâce: The answer to the dilemma is that Jack Smith wanted Trump to be limited to post-trial, as-applied challenges to the constitutionality of the indictment. Id.

And now, I ask you as a rational person, to ask the next question, which the Chief does not answer, but which is nevertheless as plain as day — Why would Jack Smith want to proceed that way instead of resolving all immunity questions first after making two huge concessions marching him toward recognizing some span for immunity?

Because it would infect the political world of the election and also poison any conceivable D.C. jury inundated with headlines and non-stop CNN, MSNBC TV coverage, as well as WaPo and NYT coverage. Post-trial review by Trump would occur only after the damage had already been inflicted on Trump.

Q.E.D.: Jack Smith was called out and exposed for his improper anti-Trump and anti-separation of powers enterprise in the Supreme Court’s immunity decision. And the Republic is better for it! Jack Smith’s enterprise was nakedly political in nature.

Here is Clark’s tweet.

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