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Attorney and Former Professor David Clements’ Documentary on 2020 Election “Let My People Go” – Coming Out Soon (VIDEO TRAILER)

Attorney and former Professor David Clements will be releasing his documentary “Let My People Go” in a couple weeks.

As we receive information on this historic documentary sharing the truth on the 2020 Elections we will provide it to you.

Professor Clements first shared mention of his documentary in August.

MUST SEE: Documentary “Let My People Go” By David Clements About the Stolen 2020 Election to Be Released in October 2023

It is all coming together and will be released soon.

The film features the most qualified experts investigating the 2020 election theft: Jeffrey Lenberg, a former Sandia National Labs nation-state vulnerability expert; Dr. Walter Daugherity, renowned computer scientist; Joe Hoft, CPA and auditor, and author of “The Steal” trilogy; Draza Smith, former Sandia National Labs Cyber/Grid security expert; Harry Haury, Cyber Security Systems Expert and co-author of the Help America Vote Act; Joe Oltmann, System Architecture Expert and Tech CEO; Col. Shawn Smith, U.S. Air Force (ret.) former Senior Military Evaluator for Space, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Systems; Clay Parihk, election systems testing expert and whistleblower; Professor David Clements and professional engineer Erin Clements, who have co-authored one of the most definitive vulnerability assessments of the U.S. election system from numerous audits conducted in New Mexico and their research in other jurisdictions.  Many other prominent experts will be featured in the film.

Professor Clements has stated “Let My People Go” endeavors to connect all the dots about the rigged machines and software, from input to output.

Here is a trailer of the movie:

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