As WNBA Struggles to Accept the Caitlin Clark Phenomena, Caitlin Clark Thinks of the Players in the WNBA | Joe Hoft


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As WNBA Struggles to Accept the Caitlin Clark Phenomena, Caitlin Clark Thinks of the Players in the WNBA

The WNBA is going to phase in chartered flights for all teams this year.  You can thank Caitlin Clark for this.  Yet the players and media have a hard time accepting Caitlin Clark.

ESPN writes about the WNBA:

The league announced this week that it is taking a major step — one players have called for over the past several years — in getting charter flights for the entire 2024 season. The WNBA said Thursday that charters would be “phased in” starting with this regular season “as soon as practical.”

The players see charter flights as a huge help for health reasons as well as safety reasons. It will save time and wear and tear on their bodies.

What this piece at ESPN doesn’t mention and what the players and former players have a hard time accepting is that Caitlin Clark is responsible for this.  Her comments and her presence led to this change in the league.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith gives Caitlin Clark credit for pushing the WNBA to get charter flights for its players but few others.

The WNBA has a hard time accepting Caitlin Clark.  The league did a great job with this year’s draft, displaying all the players in beautiful dresses and attire and showcasing their grace and beauty.  This is what America wants. Americans don’t want to see women acting like gangsters, they want to see great athletes compete with grace and dignity.

This is why Caitlin Clark was so popular. The top four NCAA Women’s games all had one thing in common, Caitlin Clark.

Clark crushed records in the NCAA for both scoring and assists.  She can shoot better than almost anyone ever but her passes were also special as she hit a teammate in stride while passing between multiple defenders.

Clark holds the all-time records for points scored in a career for both men and women, having surpassed Pistol Pete Maravich’s NCAA scoring records as well as all the women’s records.  She also could shoot from way out and consistently make it.  This is what made her special.  She surpassed Stephan Curry’s men’s NCAA record for three pointers in a season.

However, what many of the great players before her and still playing can’t accept is Clark.  She isn’t a lesbian, she is white, and she is very nice. Jason Whitlock was first to point this out.

In her first game as  player, in an exhibition game in Dallas that was sold out, the fans who were used to watching Clark play ball with no racist comments or selfish players on her team, saw something different.  At half time of the game that aired on the WNBA network, the fans were subjected to two black women’s basketball players having a discussion on racism.  Hint to the WNBA, your new viewers don’t want to see this.  The thing that made Clark special was her playing and people could watch and enjoy and not be subjected to anything but basketball.

The number of viewers from this first game has never been released by the WNBA for some reason.  Is it because it shattered all other games in viewership combined?

The WNBA has some work to do to keep the huge fan base that Clark brings to the league.  They will not gain followers when they discount her efforts and the impact she has on women’s sports, basketball and sports in general.

Caitlin Clark sometimes just wants to be Caitlin Clark, yet she keeps giving and giving and giving.

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