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As President Trump’s Lead Increases DeSantis’s Campaign Crashes

As President Trump increases his lead in the 2024 polls for President, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s campaign is in a freefall.

President Trump has increased his lead in the 2024 Presidential race over other GOP candidates per a CBS poll released by President Trump today.

ICYMI: President Trump Posts 46-Point Lead Over DeSantis, Holds 62% Support in Latest CBS Poll
Bedminster, NJ — A new CBS News poll found that President Trump holds a whopping 46-point lead in the 2024 GOP primary election, as Ron DeSantis continues to collapse in national and early state polls.

2024 Republican Nomination: Who Would You Vote For Today?

62%     President Donald J. Trump

16%     Ron DeSantis

7%       Vivek Ramaswamy

5%       Mike Pence

3%       Tim Scott

2%       Nikki Haley

The survey also found that more than three-quarters of Republicans see the sham political prosecutions of President Trump as “politically motivated.”

Voters recognize that President Trump is the only candidate who has a proven record of delivering results for the American people and the only candidate who “fights for people like me.”

Read the full memo here.

The most shocking result in the CBS poll (a far-left MSM legacy media firm) is that only 8% of voters believe President Trump tried to overturn the 2020 Election.  

This is terrible news for the Deep State which is trying to indict him on fake and false charges in multiple states. 

As well as President Trump is doing, the DeSantis campaign is falling apart.  It got so bad that DeSantis labeled Trump supporters “listless people”.

DeSantis also called Trump supporters in Congress as left-wingers.

By Election Day 2024, President Trump will have 95% of the American voters on his side. 

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