Are Voting Machine Systems the Same Across Vendors Like AGT International’s Systems Created Replicas of Its US Systems? | Joe Hoft


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Are Voting Machine Systems the Same Across Vendors Like AGT International’s Systems Created Replicas of Its US Systems?

Are the US voting systems all replicas of each other like AGT International’s systems replicated before the 2016 Election?

In 2019 a number of articles were published at The Gateway Pundit related to AGT International.  This company led by friends of the Clintons, developed a highly sophisticated and classified system that connected all types of information together and using AI was able to locate specific targets in seconds when prior efforts might take months.

This ITAR-designated system was sold to law enforcement across the US and because of this designation, it was not to be sold overseas.

So AGT International reportedly rebranded the system and claimed it was a different system and began selling it out of Europe to countries like Russia and China.  The owners donated to the Clinton Foundations and the Clintons pushed the system.  Ultimately, foreign entities received highly sensitive and advanced software for a fraction of what it would cost them to develop themselves.

A whistleblower brought this information to the DOJ before the 2016 Election but never heard back from the DOJ.  How many other corrupt acts have been brought to the DOJ that have been ignored over the past decade because the culprits are uniparty gangsters?

AGT International – The Clinton Foundation Scandal Worse Than Uranium One – Covered Up by FBI/DOJ Before 2016 Election – Part XIII

Since the 2020 Election, a number of individuals have suggested that maybe the election systems used across the country are basically the same.  Whether the elections systems are Dominion, Smartmatic, or Hart, they are all believed to be very similar.   Is this because the same system was renamed?

The same can be said for the “non-election systems” reported on recently at this site.  KnowInk, Tenex Solutions, and VR Systems are three of the manufacturers of these systems.

These non-election systems have modules for voter rolls and registrations, poll pads used to record voters when they vote, election night up-to-date reporting, and print-on-demand.   KNOWiNK (which purchased BPro), Tenex Solutions, and VR Systems all have these modules.

Are these systems basically all the same?  Do they all obtain information from Albert sensors on election night to provide their up-to-date reporting?  Something here doesn’t pass the smell test. 


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