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“Anybody Who Would Violate Your Constitution, Potentially Use Physical Violence, to End Democracy is a Tyrant” – Tucker Carlson in Spain

Tucker Carlson showed up in Spain to recognize the events happening in that country. 

Tucker Carlson showed up in Spain because he says the story there hasn’t received the coverage it deserves.

When asked how the world was seeing the violation of democracy in Spain Tucker shared:

Well the world isn’t seeing it enough and that’s why we wanted to come because it’s not getting the coverage it deserves.  I mean anybody who would violate your constitution, potentially use physical violence, to end democracy is a tyrant, is a dictator, and it’s happening in the middle of Europe.  So we thought it deserved more coverage than it’s getting.

No, the world is not seeing how important it is but we hope to change that.

See the short video below:

TUCKER: The world needs to see what is happening in Spain, it’s not getting the coverage it deserves

Spain is erupting in protests because of the actions of the tyrants stealing an election and a country.

Spain Reaches a Boiling Point – Calls for Revolution as Liberals Steal Power from the People

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