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Any Blue Wave is Now Only Figments of Liberal Imaginations – Red Wave Rising!!

(Photo from Jack Posobiec)

The blue wave is now a figment of liberal imaginations. Voter excitement is clearly with the Republican Party and President Donald Trump! There is a Red Wave Rising!

One pundit, Michael E. Newton, is tracking the 2018 mid-term elections to date. He addresses people’s questions about mid-term voting to date –

Newton explains that because Democrat and Republican voting may have gotten closer each day, doesn’t mean that the Democrats are really catching up in early voting. It just means the Republican percent of gains over 2016 are not as great as they were yesterday –

What we have seen to date in the mid-term is that Republicans won early by huge margins but recent days they have been about even per day –

Newton summarizes, would you rather be the party that has improved their #earlyvoting share since 2016 [Republicans]? Or the party that is doing worse [Democrat Socialists]?

Newton’s numbers to date show this –

Newton says that Republicans are doing better than 2016 and they won the House. The current results don’t show an insurmountable gain, but getting close! –

We can only hope that Tuesday night is as fun as two years ago –

Get out and vote for our children’s future and let’s Make America Great Again!

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