Another Obama Fail – Iran Is Now Regarded as Iraq’s Number One Ally | Joe Hoft


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Another Obama Fail – Iran Is Now Regarded as Iraq’s Number One Ally

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 10:45 AM at

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The Foreign Policy of an Incompetent Liberal

Yesterday it was reported,

In the eyes of most Iraqis, their country’s best ally in the war against the Islamic State group is not the United States and the coalition air campaign against the militants. It’s Iran, which is credited with stopping the extremists’ march on Baghdad.”

So much for the US lives lost in Iraq building a democratic ally in the Middle East. After pulling US troops out of Iraq, Obama created a quagmire full of death, rape and barbarism leading Iraqis to regard the terrorist state of Iran its number one ally. The future implications of a radical Iraq along the same mold as Iran are absolutely frightening.

Obama’s foreign policy has been shocking at best. His fraudulent and paltry bombing of ISIS allowed ISIS to continue its rape and slaughter of Kurds. He sided with Al Qaeda in Libya when bombing Gaddafi. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists in Egypt when they ousted US ally Mubarak.

His domestic policies are not any better, with Obamacare, the ‘Stimulus’, open borders, massive spending and more, all leading the US quickly in a downward direction.

Has anyone in US history has done more to destroy this country than Barack Hussein Obama?



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