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Another Day, Another Brutal Beating by Texas AG Paxton’s Lawyers Against His RINO Accusers

Note to RINOs – If you are going to try and remove a good man from office don’t conjure up reasons to do so. 

The attorneys representing Texas AG Paxton in his impeachment trial are brilliant.  They make the losers who were involved in the impeachment look like keystone cops.

We have seen them destroy witnesses from the start.

Corrupt Texas RINOs and Democrats Impeached AG Ken Paxton Hoping the Corrupt FBI Would Join Them

Yesterday we reported on Paxton attorney Tony Buzbee destroy a Deep State witness.  It was exhilarating.

Texas AG Paxton’s Attorneys Continue to Destroy Corrupt RINOs in Impeachment Hearing

Today we have another brutal engagement between Buzbee and a Texas RINO. This too is well worth your time.

Conservative Treehouse lays this out:

Once again, the innuendo and supposition by Ken Paxton accusers runs into reality.  Previously Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s personal assistant, Drew Wicker, made an accusation that a Texas donor named Nate Paul funded a kitchen remodel for Paxton.   A quid pro quo to sell influence.

However, during cross examination today, Drew Wicker admitted the kitchen remodel never took place, and the actual details of the home remodel being done by Paxton was taking place *after* the office “whistleblowers” went to the FBI with their ungrounded claims.   Paxton’s attorney Tony Buzbee showed Drew Wicker pictures of the kitchen taken three years ago and also taken last month.  There was never any remodel work completed.  This is the central point of the alleged bribery.

It is great to know that there are conservative attorneys who can bring it.

1 thought on “Another Day, Another Brutal Beating by Texas AG Paxton’s Lawyers Against His RINO Accusers”

  1. It seems to me that the FBI and these Texas plotters worked together. Recall the FBI has been pulling people into its plots a long time. This is an obvious frame operation. My hunch is that, for this to occur, the DOJ, national GOP, and Texas GOP had to be a part of it.


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