ANONYMOUS DOJ ATTORNEY: Bragg’s Case Will Not Survive Appeal – A List of Some New Reasons Why | Joe Hoft


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ANONYMOUS DOJ ATTORNEY: Bragg’s Case Will Not Survive Appeal – A List of Some New Reasons Why

The Bragg case is so broken there is no way it will survive an appeal says a 20-year attorney in the DOJ. 

A DOJ who remains anonymous claims that the Bragg case will not survive an appeal for many reasons.

Here are a couple of the reasons the Bragg case is unique and will not survive an appeal.

Bragg is engaging in tactics he knows cannot and will not survive appeal, and will cause any conviction to be eventually thrown out at a higher court. These tactics are thus only being used to interfere and influence the 2020 election.

Some of them (not necessarily in order of importance) —

  1. The promise of a speedy trial is a right of the defendant, not the prosecutor, yet Bragg is enforcing unreasonable, impossible deadlines on the defense for review and responses while dumping reams of documents on them. If defendants need time, judges almost always grant it.
  2. Bragg has failed to provide Trump’s defense a list of prosecution witnesses — our anonymous DOJ prosecutor has NEVER seen that happen. It’s a brazen tactic that will not survive appeal.
  3. Our anonymous DOJ prosecutor insists that there is no federal requirement for the defendant to be present for every moment of a trial, and that the requirement, even if valid for a NY state trial, doesn’t apply because Bragg is attempting to use federal law to charge Trump.
  4. Most outrageous, Trump has apparently not been told yet what specific crime(s) he’s being charged with.
  5. The DOJ prosecutor says that if there are multiple counts in a criminal complaint, each count is ordinarily tried one count at a time and we are not seeing that here. 

There is so much more.

As noted previously, the case is all about make-believe counts based on accounting issues that make no sense.

EXCLUSIVE: Underlying Accounting Activities in DA Bragg Case Are Not Crimes – There Are No Crimes, Not Even Adjusting Entries!


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