Analysis –Crooked Comey Reopened Hillary Email Case in October 2016 Because Good Cops in the FBI Leaked Info to Congress – Comey Later Fired the Good Cops | Joe Hoft


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Analysis –Crooked Comey Reopened Hillary Email Case in October 2016 Because Good Cops in the FBI Leaked Info to Congress – Comey Later Fired the Good Cops

Fired and Corrupt FBI Head James Comey said that he only heard about Hillary’s emails located on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in late October of 2016. But then he said that he was scared that the FBI in New York would release the emails if he didn’t reopen the investigation.

After performing another fake review of the emails, the FBI again exonerated Hillary a few days before the November election.

Now Devin Nunez from the House reports that they had received the emails before the 2016 election. It looks more probable that the emails were leaked to Congress and that is why Comey reopened the case.

No worries, Comey made sure it doesn’t happen again as FBI Agents in New York were later fired as noted by corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok in a text to his corrupt FBI attorney girlfriend Lisa Page.

The FBI Director in Charge (ADIC) of New York Office William Sweeney was told about the discovery of huge numbers of Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop on September 28, 2016. Weiner was a perp who was married to Hillary’s top aide Huma Abedin and was Senator Chuck Schumer’s protégé. He was under investigation for sexting an underage girl.

ADIC Sweeney also told two other senior New York officials and one of them confirms that they also informed McCabe about the Clinton/Weiner emails.

Then nothing happened for 21 days. It is unclear why or who all knew about the emails, but former FBI Head McCabe appears to be the fall guy for delaying doing anything with the emails.

Then the story goes that McCabe contacted the team that worked to exonerate Hillary from her email crimes on October 27 , 2016, and called for a meeting.

On October 27th, Comey says that he was then told that Weiner’s laptop contained hundreds of thousands of emails but we really aren’t sure if this was the first time he heard of them. In his book he suggests that this is the case but who knows – was this just another lie from Comey?

Comey opened up the Clinton email case again in late October 2016. According to far left US News and World Report in January of this year, the environment at the FBI was a mess because of Comey –

In fact, internal bureau dissension was part of the context in which Comey made the decision to forego standard FBI practice regarding announcements that could affect elections and disclose the new emails to Congress. “FBI Director James Comey was driven in part by a fear of leaks from within his agency when he decided to tell Congress the FBI was investigating newly discovered emails related to Hillary Clinton, law enforcement sources said on Thursday,” Reuters’ Mark Hosenball reported in November 2016. And as ProPublica and The New Yorker put it last May: “There was another motivation for Comey’s decision to ‘speak’: FBI officials feared that news of the new emails would leak out, damaging the Bureau and its director. The primary source of anxiety was the FBI’s own New York field office, which was handling the Weiner case and harbored deep pockets of anti-Clinton sentiment. … Comey’s deputy also made clear [to a Justice Department official protesting his plan to release the information] that the FBI director was ‘very concerned’ about a leak — that the news ‘was coming out anyway.’’

The fact that Comey was scared of individuals within his department leaking the information on the emails is clearly the real reason Comey released the news about the emails and opened up the Clinton email case again just before the election.

Corrupt and criminal FBI Agent Peter Strzok was assigned again to the case. He worked and somehow performed miracles on “1,355,980 electronic files (pg 389), containing 350,000 emails and 344,000 Blackberry communications [that] were reviewed between October 30th and the morning of November 6th, 2016.”

As reported previously, the problem is that there were only three people in the Mid-Year-Event team granted authority to physically do the Clinton email review. FBI Agent Peter Strzok was one of them and he said that they were able to review the number of emails through the use of “some amazing things to rapidly de-duplicate” the emails.

The New York FBI case agent assigned to the Weiner investigation, a certified Digital Extraction Technician, as well as the FBI forensics team in Quantico say it was impossible to use the conflicted metadata to “de-duplicate” the emails. Therefore someone in the FBI is lying again.

We now know that some good cops at the FBI did provide information to Congress about Weiner emails.

We also know that Peter Strzok in a text with Lisa Page noted that FBI Agents in New York were later fired. This was important enough that they noted it with each other and also the FBI redacted part of the text messages about these individuals being fired. Clearly there is more to this text that will be cleared up when unredacted.

So in summary –

Comey was forced to reopen the Hillary email scandal due to some good cops in the FBI who leaked the information to Congress. Later Comey fired these good cops for leaking.

And also – What in the hell is in the Weiner emails?


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