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Americans Who Support Election Integrity and America Support Kristina Karamo

Kristin Karamo

Those who love America and election integrity in Michigan are standing with Kristina Karamo, Michigan’s GOP Chair. 

Lara Logan tweeted the following out today:

America First candidates across the country are finding out the hard way that their biggest enemy today is not the DNC – it is the RNC. The elite of the Republican Party in key states are using their money & access to Trump to seize control of the party away from the people. They are often the same people who betrayed Trump in 2020 & they’ll do it again this time.

Joe Hoft has promoted courageous leader Karamo after learning of the attack she is under in Michigan.  A minority of delegates in the state claimed to have removed Karamo on an event that Michigan GOP says was not legitimate. This was overturned the following weekend by a legitimate group of delegates who were nearly unanimous in supporting Karamo.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Wins Valid Vote – Michigan GOP Votes to Keep Karamo

Ronna McDaniel is apparently attacking Karamo to protect her legacy in Michigan after suspicious activities while she was Michigan GOP Chair have been unearthed.

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Kristina Karamo Targeted After Uncovering Potential Fraud Related to Ronna Romney McDaniel

Other instances where individuals and groups connected to the CCP, the DNC and more were after Karamo.

Why Would the GOP Side with the CCP, the DNC and Others in Trying to Push Kristina Karamo Out as Head of the Michigan GOP?

This past weekend President Trump shared his support for former Michigan Rep Pete Hoekstra who was officially recognized by the national Republican party led by Ronna Romney McDaniel.

The people of Michigan love President Trump but love election integrity and legitimate votes just as much if not more.  These people are standing with Karamo who is the legitimate chair of the Michigan GOP. 

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