Americans Outraged After Second Democrat Coup Undone After Years of Abuse – Want Justice Now! | Joe Hoft


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Americans Outraged After Second Democrat Coup Undone After Years of Abuse – Want Justice Now!

Today it was announced that dirty cop Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel report was sent to Attorney General Barr. Many see this as the second attempted coup by Democrats to overthrow a Republican President and as a result are outraged!

In April 1865 the young country of the United States of America ended its Civil War. Only days after the war ended Republican President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The war started when Southern State Democrats seceded from the Union and started their own country. These Democrats would not recognize the Republican President of the United States.

Four years later, after more American deaths than any war in US history, the war ended. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the South. This did not sit well with Southern Democrats so they connived a coup attempt to overthrow the government and in so doing assassinated President Lincoln.

Several hundred people were arrested by the government after the Lincoln assassination but most were soon released due to lack of evidence. However, the government did charge and eventually hang four people for their actions related to the murder of the Republican President and for their attempt to over throw the government.

Today Robert Mueller announced that he had handed over his report to AG Barr related the Special Counsel investigation that has been going on for nearly two years. After interviewing, harassing and indicting anyone close to President Trump for any crimes they could connive, they are finally finished.

This was America’s second Democrat coup attempt! The investigation started without any crime being committed and with a scope that allowed Mueller to look at anything, both against the law. The team put together never would have been allowed in a real court of law because they were all Trump haters and former Hillary Clinton allies. The media never addressed this but then again, the media was part of the attempted coup! There are at least ten reasons why the Mueller coup was unconstitutional and illegal.

Mueller remained silent during the coup while his compatriots in the Deep State DOJ and FBI leaked abusive and dishonest stories to their pawns in the media. The media also kept cheering on Mueller and called him a man of integrity. This is clearly not the case for Mueller’s past is full of questionable and corrupt actions while cleaning up messes for the Clintons and other allies in the government.

Eventually Mueller indicted the less fortunate and a group of made up Russians with made up crimes. As of October of last year the Mueller team had indicted 37 individuals and 3 companies, with more than 80% of the indicted individuals related to Russians who may not even be real and probably had nothing to do with our 2016 election.

Mueller’s gang was asked to investigate Russian collusion but he only looked at the Trump team and those connected to President Trump. Over 100 times the Deep State DOJ, FBI and Mueller gang deviated from standard practice or committed crimes in an effort to exonerate Hillary Clinton from crimes and indict Trump.

Good men like General Mike Flynn and Roger Stone were mere casualties. Like the Union and Confederate soldiers in the Civil War, to hell with life and liberty, move on with the overthrown and secession of the Union.

Early on it was suspected that the coup was merely an attempt to harass and remove the President while covering up Deep State crimes. Perhaps it was. Regardless, Americans are very angry with Mueller, the media, the Deep State and the Democrat gang who attempted to overthrow the US government.

It’s time for investigations and indictments of these Deep State actors who attempted this coup of our government. Hang them if that is what the law requires. Americans want justice! Without justice we have no country!

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