AMERICANS NOT FOOLED – Two Thirds of Americans Believe 2020 Election Was Rigged, the Feds Incited Jan 6, and the Bidens Are a Crime Family | Joe Hoft


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AMERICANS NOT FOOLED – Two Thirds of Americans Believe 2020 Election Was Rigged, the Feds Incited Jan 6, and the Bidens Are a Crime Family

Two out of three Americans are awake and not woke.  They see that truth behind the many lies from the Democrats and their corrupt media and Big Tech.

In April, a poll at Rasmussen Reports reported that two-thirds of Americans suspect that the Feds incited the Jan 6 riots.

Rasmussen Poll Shows that a Majority of Americans (65%) Suspect Feds Incited J6 Riot

This poll was before the former head of the Capitol Police spoke with Tucker Carlson and shared that Jan 6 was all a setup to get President Trump.

In May, a poll by Rasmussen Reports found that 62% of Americans believed that the 2020 Election was stolen.  This number has grown over time.


Also in May, a super majority of Americans per a Rasmussen poll showed that they believed the Biden gang’s crimes related to foreign influence peddling were a big deal.

Super Majority of Americans (69%) Believe the Biden Gang’s Crimes Related to Foreign Influence Peddling Are a Big Deal

These poll results agree with a Daily Mail poll from today that show:

Americans by wide margins say President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, violated a law against peddling foreign influence, a poll shows, amid swirling allegations about the first family’s business dealings.

Fully 63 percent of voters say the president breached the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which obliges people to declare foreign interests, when he served as vice president and his son worked with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

Americans know the truth and are going around the many lies from the globalist, evil, criminal, communist and corrupt left and their fake media pushers. 

22 thoughts on “AMERICANS NOT FOOLED – Two Thirds of Americans Believe 2020 Election Was Rigged, the Feds Incited Jan 6, and the Bidens Are a Crime Family”

    • Sorry, Merrick Garland is too exhausted (and full) from having to swallow Biden to swallow anything else. And…,you know what they say… Don’t mess with a Biden unless you love to swallow. LOL

  1. Only two-thirds? I expect the ‘third’ that doesn’t, is also his only legitimate votes. Because there was absolutely no way he received 81 million legitimate votes.

    • I always thought that his actual base, the base that will stay with him or some other crooked Leftist Dem, is 25-30% or so of the voter base. His real vote is probably about 30% or so of the total voter count in 2020. I think that would be about 40 million – maybe topping out at 50%. But the 81 million vote figure, biggest in HISTORY, is obviously ludicrous and cannot be actually explained. There are too many additional votes from 2008 to 2020 – the jump is too big and cannot be explained by any increase in voters. It literally cannot be explained on its own and certainly Biden showed no appeal during the campaign.

  2. All the evidence required has been collected in all three instances – videos, affidavits, whistleblowers, tangibles, you name it. The trouble is finding DA’s and judges who aren’t corrupt deep state sock puppets.

    • Absolutely true.
      But so is the reality of a Globalist conspiracy against humanity at large .
      God does ‘ fix ‘ this, but not in the way that most ‘ hope ‘ He will.

      It’s going to get indescribably bad folks, buckle up in Jesus Christ.

  3. Consider this: Even in the face their endless lying, threatening judges, shutting down our freedom of speech, and withering attacks on the lives and character of those that have never wavered in their insistence that this was the worse theft in American history, the number of those that agree that they cheated has doubled from an immediate 33% to 69%!
    THIS is why THEY are so frightened.
    They have not moved their lie one point in their favor and now this from Rasmussen which is not especially friendly to America.
    Surrender Monkeys, you are done for. Your constant whine that “Nothing will happen is now a very risky bet.

  4. Rigged stolen fraudulent elections have consequences like a possible nuke Third World War and the complete collapse of the USA Financial system by the house removing all debt limits until 2025 and allowing Biden to print unlimited amounts of dollars to create hyperinflation and the collapse of the US banking system

  5. The great news is that the 2/3rds that know what’s going on are the same that believe in the Second Amendment and realize we may have to win back our freedom….again.

  6. Good to see the public is waking up, but it won’t matter at election time. As Stalin observed long ago, it doesn’t matter who votes, but who counts the votes. And the system now guarantees that the Democrats get to print and count the mail-in ballots, so they will never lose another national election as long as they control the counting of the fake ballots.


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