Americans Livid as Robert Mueller Outduels James Comey for Most Corrupt FBI Head Ever! | Joe Hoft


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Americans Livid as Robert Mueller Outduels James Comey for Most Corrupt FBI Head Ever!

How much abuse can America take! The Democrats, their corrupt and criminal Deep State associates and the far-left media again attack President Trump using illegal and corrupt actions hoping to defame him in the public square.

They don’t realize this totally infuriates all good Americans!

The left just doesn’t get it. They think if they trash President Trump through any and all means, that he will just go away.

They think that Americans are fine with their illegal assaults on this great innocent American. They think it’s fine to illegally assault a man because he’s a Republican who is doing all he can to Make America Great Again!

After numerous illegal actions to defeat this President, including illegally spying and entrapping him and members of his team and family, and an illegal special counsel, yesterday Robert Mueller announced that he couldn’t indict the President for obstruction of collusion, a crime that never occurred, but he couldn’t say he didn’t obstruct either.

An “Old West” analysis and summary of the Mueller report and Congress’ efforts could be summed up in one sentence:

While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.

Former FBI Head Comey who was fired by President Trump came out in an oped piece with the far left Washington Post two days ago claiming the President is a liar. To no one’s surprise Comey’s hit piece was full of lies and his accusation only a projection of his actions on the President.

Yesterday, Mueller, Comey’s predecessor at the FBI, announced in a brief press outing that he will not answer any questions but he felt that he needed to repeat what was already in his report released a month ago about the farcical investigation he led based on crimes made up by the Deep State in an attempt to remove President Trump from office.

The response to Mueller’s press conference were livid – some called for Mueller to be sanctioned for violating rules against prosecutors sliming people they refused to charge.

Mueller was called a doddering old fool who is completely out to lunch.

Others said he should have been served a subpoena as soon as he stepped away from the mic.

Others said that today Mueller showed his true colors.

Socialist Democrats and their mainstream media were in concert squealing for the President’s impeachment. What a mess they are heading into going this route. They will be attempting to impeach the President while their crimes and those of their Deep State partners like Mueller and Comey are indicted for spying and entrapping members of the Trump family and team. These radical far left Democrats have become absolute moronic and crooked fools.

What horribly spiteful people the Democrats, Deep State players like Mueller and Comey and their media have turned into. They care not about civility or the law, to hell with both. They hate Trump and will do anything to harm him – it’s OK because they know what’s best for America.

The Democrats are pushing Americans away. They are fine with sending billions to Iran, billions to an international org to “manage” the world’s climate, billions to illegal aliens, and billions to colleges and universities to promote their rage of America.

They don’t understand God, love for America or hard working Americans.

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