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Americans Get It – Comments Prove It!

The people get it. 

Yesterday we reported that the Republican Governors Association had funneled money through the DeSantis Campaign in an effort to destroy President Trump.

Here is yesterday’s post:

REPORT: Republican Governors Association Funneled Money to DeSantis Campaign to Attack President Trump

There were a couple of comments in response to this post that showed where the American people are at.

The first comment was from a self-proclaimed DeSantis supporter.  (It may have been a troll but we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt – you decide.)

It’s not that I hate Trump. It’s that I don’t trust him. I voted for him, and gave him the chance he wanted. Then I watched him in office. What I saw was total incompetence. He totally did a 180 on some things, such as not prosecuting Hillary when he said he would, and totally just dropped the ball on many things. BUT, the thing that totally disqualifies him for me was his total failure in 2020. He screwed up on many things before that, but what he did in 2020 was just incomprehensible. UNFORGIVABLE!!!

He allowed our country to go into lock-down that totally destroyed our economy, that was already struggling. MILLIONS of small businesses failed because of that. He signed off on policies that allowed a bio-weapon to be mass produced and distributed by our military. Since then MILLIONS have died from those poison shots, and many are STILL dying every single day from those shots. That is just a total dis-qualifier for me. If he gets back into office, there will never be a reckoning for that failure, and that really needs to happen. Trump STILL, to this day, says he did a perfect job with COVID, so he’s either really incompetent, or he’s really corrupt. You decide.

Trump clearly doesn’t have either the instinct, or the courage to know when something is just not right and to then do something about it.

DeSantis, however, DOES have both the instinct, and the courage. He was able to sense that something was just not adding up in 2020, and then looked into it. He did his own research. What he found deeply troubled him, so he consulted with several professionals who were sounding the alarm on this. Then he hired Dr. Joseph Ladapo and brought him in as his Surgeon General, and together they worked to open Florida back up very quickly, and get the kids back into schools. In the process they were able to save Florida’s economy, and preserve the freedoms of Floridians. He worked to get legislation in place in Florida to make sure that no mandates could ever be used again against Floridians to force them to take any shots, wear masks, etc. That is what a LEADER actually looks like.

DeSantis also took on Disney when they tried to force their own agenda on the schools by pushing curriculum that was both pornographic and perverted. They filed suit to try to take down laws that DeSantis worked to put in place to protect those kids. DeSantis fought back, and won. Disney also trying to take over government in the lands that they own, and were trying to take over other lands, and were planning on governing those lands too. That is unconstitutional, so DeSantis put a stop to that too. Disney’s case was just dismissed by the judge in the last couple of days. And get this, Trump actually SUPPORTED DISNEY in that. He was just fine with all the corruption they were involved in. That speaks volumes to me. I can’t support that.

Everything I’ve found in my research into DeSantis shows he has the cleaner record, the best record of achievements, and the best qualifications to run this country. He’s an attorney, who also holds a degree in history from Yale. He has deeply studied the Constitution, the Federalist Papers (which explain the Constitution), and other founding documents. He wrote a book taking down Obama, which is an amazing read. His depth of knowledge about the founding of this country, and how it was meant to be run, is astounding.

DeSantis also served in the Navy, so he understands the military, and would make a wonderful Commander-In-Chief. He also served in Congress, so he understands and has personal experience with the legislative process. He knows how it’s done, and he knows the level of corruption in Congress. That’s an advantage. He also has served as Governor for 5 years now, which gave him executive experience, and has shown that he knows how to lead, and follows through on what he says he’s going to do. He knows what’s wrong in this country, and knows how to fix it. Too many people have been more concerned about “charisma” and “personality” than actual functionality. They get upset about awkwardness. DeSantis doesn’t have “charisma” but I really don’t care about that. I know he knows what he’s doing, and will do what he says. I know that I can TRUST him. I can’t say that for Trump.

In response, one commenter provided the following:

@Newshound, You are so far in left field you can’t even see the game being played.
•Trump had no ability to prosecute anyone, it’s the AG who does.
•He naïvely thought the AG, being elected by Republicans would be of the same mind to get justice against Hillary at least — they weren’t.
•The First AG: Sessions, was afraid of his own shadow.
•The Second AG: Barr was corrupt and working with the corrupt FBI.
•Trump did not lose the 2020, it was stole by a deep state coup. The evidence is being exposed in the courts even now.
•You use hindsight to attack Trump on the Covid jab, when he is not a medical professional and was relying upon the nation’s heads in infectious diseases Fauci and Brix, who later admitted they lied. It was also exposed the Fauci was making a profit from entire Covid gain of function. So cast you vitriolics against those people.
•Furthermore Trump mandate NO JAB. Mandatory jabs took place ONLY under the Biden administration, who continued them even after the jabs were exposed in Sept 2021 as ineffective against Covid and toxic killers unto themselves.
•Democrats are still mandating the killer jab and withheld the simple safe and CHEAP fix for Covid: ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine with vitamin D, zinc and an antibiotic. In fact THEY KNEW THAT WAS THE ANSWER and WITHHELD THEM FROM USE to kill as many people as possible.
•Trump issued NO LOCKDOWN. Lockdowns were STATE ISSUED under states rights. Your complain is against the states, not Trump.
• Dr. Joseph Ladapo is who saved DeSantis, who did do lockdowns. If Ladapo had been USSG things would have been different, he wasn’t. If he had been, Fauci and the left would have destroyed him as well. The Dem goal was to kill as many people as possible to be replaced by the 3rd world invaders who were not jabbed by Dems even today while Dems carryon issuing jab mandates.
•Trump was concerned with the massive job losses in fighting Disney. It was only after DeSantis attacked them did the extent of Disney corruption come out. Also this is a STATE matter and not federal, so get your blame on the right party. You fail to recognize the state owns all issues not given to the federal gov’t by our Constitution. You do not understand our Constitution and the separate responsibilities of each.
•DeSantis is a great GOVERNOR without the personality to win the national election. He wasn’t smart enough to figure out that Americans were not going to abandon Trump because the Dems attacked him endlessly under fake charges.
•Under Trump we had the best economy in history, lowest unemployment, blacks were doing better with education and employment. Trump was getting us out of foreign wars (which was why the military complex hated him), Trump had SIX PEACE AGREEMENTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST thought impossible.
•Trump brought of prosperity
•Dems brought us corruption on ever level from election fraud, to weaponization of our gov’t, deadly jab and the culling of the population—mass murders.
•There has never been a day in history that Dems have not been mass murders.
•Biden brought us wars every where and filled our country with terrorists who are attacking our infrastructure and when they succeed the grid down alone will kill nine out of every ten people.
•Dems will attack ANY CONSERVATIVE that becomes their opposition, including forcing them to commit suicide didn’t anatomically impossible way.

This latter commenter apologized for typos but you get the point.

Americans know what is going on.  They know the country is at a historic point.  We either become a communist regime, a fascist regime, or we have President Trump.  That’s it.  That’s our choices.

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