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Corrupt and Senile Joe Biden is America’s first absolute dictator.  

The left is pushing more BS throughout their faithful media like all dictators do.  This latest lie is that President Trump, if elected again, will be a dictator.  What irony this is.

This could be the worst case of projection ever in the corrupt and communist left’s history. 

JD Foster writes:

Democrats and the mainstream media are panicking Donald Trump may win in 2024, as well they should given President Biden’s dismal polling. In reaction they’ve turned to a favorite trick of accusing their opponent of doing what the swamp is already doing. While plumping for her new book, now card-carrying member of the MSM Liz Cheney claims the US would be “sleepwalking into dictatorship” if Trump wins. America is already sleepwalking into a dictatorship – of the swamp, by the swamp, and led by the elitist left.

The Democrats’ trick was perfected by former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. Old Rahm identified the most devastating formulation of how the opposition would attack his policy. Then he’d use that formulation to accuse his opposition of doing exactly what he himself intended. For example, if Obama was about to permit more southern border crossings, Rahm would accuse Republicans of proposing to open the border.

Cheney’s dictatorship warning demonstrates the media’s latest Rahm head-fake. The warning itself is curious as American conservatism even as practiced by Trump is fundamentally an anti-dictatorship ideology. Its strong bias is to restrict an activist federal government. In contrast, look around the world and every variation on dictatorship is a form of leftist government, from China’s Xi to Venezuela’s Maduro.

Let’s forget the lie that the communist left is pushing and look at the many ways Biden (Obama) is a dictator.

1. He stole the 2020 Election – No campaign in history stole more votes than Joe Biden’s campaign in 2020.  Big Media, Big Tech, Big Pharma, China, the Deep State, international and local players, all combined to steal the election from President Trump and claim a Biden victory.  They even bragged about it.

(See my first book in The Steal trilogy – The Steal – Volume I: Setting the Stage for details behind these bad actors.  See my other two volumes to see how this election never should have been certified and how the steal was covered-up.)

After stealing the 2020 Election, dictator Biden used the media and the government to cover-up his massive crime.  Those who protested were punished and censored.  (See the Election Integrity Project notes bragging about censoring truth-tellers after the 2020 Election.)

BREAKING HUGE: Joe Hoft and The Gateway Pundit Were Top Censorship Targets by EIP – Run by DHS’s CISA!

Next Biden’s team killed four protesters of the election on Jan 6, and then to this day arrests and charges over a thousand others on BS charges when they did nothing wrong that day.

Biden’s gang also inserted reportedly a couple hundred bad actors that day to create a riot.  They limited security to make it look bad and then allowed all hell to break loose.  Innocent Trump supporters sit in jail to this day after nearly three years with no court dates scheduled.

Biden then created massive inflation, spending recklessly on pet projects with huge sums going to all Biden/Obama cronies.

This destroyed the economy and will have impacts for years to come.

Biden/Obama stopped drilling US oil and began purchasing oil from overseas dictators.

Terrorist regimes became allies of the Biden/Obama administration.  Iran, the Taliban, Hamas all are showed with money after killing thousands of innocents.

Biden’s leading competitor, President Trump, is now targeted on made up charges of non-crimes to put him in prison for 1,000 years.  Corrupt and evil prosecutors and Obama judges are in on it.

There is so much more… but the ultimate of the Biden dictatorship is that he is not in charge at all.  We all know it.  The whole world knows it.  Like the drunk dictators of communist Russia, no one knows who’s running the ship.

It seems clear Obama is the rudder and by doing so is committing crimes greater than the Russian coup he created to overthrow the Trump Administration.

Biden is a dictator led by communist and terrorist-loving Obama.  Both are destroying this country. 

Give these goons another four years in power and see what the country will look like. 

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