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Allan J. Feifer: “With Great Wealth Comes Great Responsibility”

“With great wealth comes great responsibility.”

We live in a time that has extraordinary access to information.  More Americans claim to be college-educated than ever before.  Individual Americans have never been wealthier or had more life choices.  Breakthroughs in every field of science are an everyday occurrence; we witness nothing less than miracles in every facet of life, save one.  What is that one aspect of life that will overturn every other advance we’ve enjoyed since our founding?  We’re losing our identity and freedoms through careless choices.

Our responsibility is to take charge of our lives at the family level.  We must also be responsible for what happens in our communities and our national government.  How many of us don’t trust the government to do the right thing?  ‘We the People’ are the only effective backstop there is when government goes off the rails.

To accept that responsibility intelligently, we must have factual knowledge, something too few of us have, much less employ in our daily decision-making.   At the same time, we foolishly believe that our immense wealth and power have made us superior to the rest of the world and can insulate us from world events.  But termites, a.k.a.  Destroyers, have wholly undermined our systems.  Our termites are precisely like the thousands of squatters who waive a fake lease in officials’ faces, ruining people’s lives both financially and emotionally; nary a tear is shed by the officials tasked with protecting us.

Hate crimes?  Squatting is an example of a heinous crime directed against the disadvantaged more often than the obverse.  Where’s public outrage when these people, frequently of color, are destroyed financially while the government stands by twiddling its thumbs?  Such termites have turned our world upside down, destroying our way of life in the process.  How did they accomplish this?

Today’s title reflects the superficiality of the people who are America’s heart and soul—our Producers.  Information is everywhere that should allow us to understand that our undoing is well underway.  Yet, somehow, even though any intelligent person can see the oncoming train, we avert our eyes and continue blindly about our day.  We believe that the threat to our continuation is either not real or that, individually, we absolve ourselves from any responsibility to do something about the clear and present dangers that confront us.

We know everything, and therefore we know nothing.

A parlor trick skillful magicians play on us is performing their trickery in plain view.  The collective group of Destroyers who want to accomplish their disparate goals, such as climate change, one world government, reduction of American power, redistribution of wealth, reduction of population, abolition of religion, etc., have effectively aligned together in a grand plan to kill off America as we know it.  And we watch them do it in total misperception of what’s happening in our eyes.  There’s an old piece of wisdom:

“With great wealth comes great responsibility.”

Today’s Producers forget the central core of American success, created by the entrepreneurs and great corporations by the first-generation energy that created wealth out of nothing.  These same people today forgot the essential lessons that allowed for such success in the first place.  The following are the conditions for success that we need reminding:

  1. Capitalism is the most selfish economic system of all time. It is also the reason it has been so incredibly successful.  The government and corporate insiders have taken these tenets and stood them on their heads.   Corporations have bowed their heads to an intrusive government that has forgotten what allowed wealth creation in the first place, seemingly taking credit for it!
  2. Governments consume everything and create nothing. The few essential Constitutional elements of government are all that it should do.  Government overreach has to be forced back into the bottle.  The government believes it is superior to all.  They are wrong.
  3. When we could safely hide behind two great oceans, we could dither on whether to act internationally or not. With the capability to extinguish modern life on earth in less than half an hour, we no longer have such a luxury.  We must be involved everywhere, all the time.  If we do not, we place our lives on a Craps Table.  That strategy has cost us dearly over the years.  Have we not learned the lessons of isolationism?
  4. We underestimate the tyranny of the minority. The focus of this country has moved from the crucial to the absurd.  One only has to observe social media, television, and the leaders of our country who pander to groups that have no fundamental importance to our future prospects, yet suck up all the oxygen as if they did.  Worse, they frequently attack the system that has given them the ability to protest.
  5. The mobs will always want more. Like any animal, the mob learns by example.  When the mob sees their tactics working, they repeat them over and over.  Good for them, terrible for our country.  When will we learn?

America is on trial.  Yet we ignore this challenge, hoping it will resolve itself in time and leave us alone if we leave it alone.  That will not happen, however.  A fundamental misconception is that we must substitute your name, my name, and everyone’s name as the Defendant on trial.  Why?  Because we must ultimately pay the judgment.  The bill will not be charged to some amorphous mass called America.

Each day, like a noose on a soon-to-be-hung person, that noose becomes more snug around our necks.  Little by little, financial freedom, the cost of living, your life choices, and the security you and your children enjoy against the criminal darkness are all eroding right before your eyes.  Remember the tale of the frog in the pot enjoying the warming water before it reaches a boil?

Most of all, we see a government whose principal thrust is to ensure its survival and prosperity, come what may.  As another government shutdown looms over our country, would you be surprised that hundreds of thousands of federal employees actually look forward to those days off?  They will not financially suffer; they always get paid when the government reopens.

Benjamin Franklin said:

“I agree to this Constitution … and I believe, further, that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other.” 

Corruption requires need, opportunity, and a belief that it can and will succeed.  We have created and allowed a despotic, self-involved government that is more afraid of its citizenry than they believe in the rule of law.

Only ‘The People’ can correct this downhill course we are on.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

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