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Allan J. Feifer: Accommodating Our Crazies

Accommodating Our Crazies

Guest post by Allan J. Feifer

It should be shockingly apparent to all that we worship our crazies more than the millions that actually carry everyone else.  Just today, I heard about an absurd new fad called ‘Bed Rotters.’  Bed Rotters are people who stay in bed for days at a time.  I found it difficult to believe, but at least thirty million Gen Zers can’t seem to cope with everyday life and are part-time Bed Rotters.  Why do we tolerate ridiculous behavior such as this?  The answer must be ‘no,’ or this is another reason we’re doomed.  Let’s move on.

Two things are apparent:

  1. The Producers feel hopeless and detached from the political and social winds devastating the world we knew.
  2. The non-Producers gain power and influence over the Producers more each day. Worse, they are redefining what is normal for the rest of us.

I challenge anyone to find a time in our history when the Producers were ever under the legal, moral, governmental, and social attacks as much as now.  Let’s start with who the crazies are and the constituencies that back them up, protect them, and make ordinary people’s lives miserable and insufferable by claiming the mantle of superiority or equivalency:

  • Americans are being subjected to an ever-growing series of letters, currently LGBTQIA+, that allows people to self-identify with whatever they think they are at the moment. The percentage of these people is minuscule, yet the time devoted to them and their societal travails is immense.  Who benefits?  Indeed, not society as a whole.  What fuels the continuation and expansion of this narrative?  It’s certainly not organic; the few pump it out for the consumption of the many.
  • The false tale of the ‘newcomers.’ New York City Mayor Adams floats the idea of inviting asylum seekers into private homes. How’s that going?  It seems everyone with a microphone (or megaphone?) is demanding we welcome a hoard of low-skill invaders into our country unvetted, medically undiagnosed, and frequently criminally active into our country.  You’re supposed to close your eyes, cover your ears, and chant newcomer over and over until you, too, see the magnificent wisdom of Biden and his progressive left.  That doesn’t seem to work, as immigration is the number one issue this election season.  Thirty-eight months into his term, Biden can only blame the Republicans for his decision to open the border over his first 100 days in office.
  • Schools that don’t teach but instead proselytize progressive’s worst ideas. Self-indulgent parents sent their children to school (daycare) without a care in the world.  Why are we unsurprised that little Johnny is a MIT (Marxist in training)?
  • Government at all levels is growing, becoming even more self-important and powerful. Look at the hiring news that Biden constantly tells us about, and you will find that government employment, the same government that did not lay anyone off during the pandemic, has been on a hiring binge ever since.  Can everyone work for the government?  Over 22 million as of 2022.  But wait!  There’s more!  Over eight million private- and grant-funded employees exist outside the official numbers, bringing the total to at least 30 million people working for the government in one capacity or another.  None are minimum wage workers either, with most enjoying the best pay and benefits, leaving everyone else envious.
  • If you yell, riot, or threaten not to vote for Biden, he’ll promise you anything, no matter what the consequences to say, Israel or Americans in general. Schumer’s recent denunciation of the Israeli government could easily be seen as a cruel joke, as the highest-ranking Jewish official in America effectively states that Israel does not have a right to defend itself. Innocent civilians always get killed in all-out wars; this is one.  What makes this particularly pernicious is that the enemy is reporting the casualty counts, doesn’t break out their soldier’s numbers in those counts, and deliberately hides among the population to make it impossible not to kill civilians.  This is an unbeatable tactic.  It’s a tactic that proves Hamas doesn’t care how many civilians get killed.  In actuality, it is Hamas’s strategy to kill even more Jews!

I believe in the right of individuals to make choices I may disagree with.  However, those choices must not impede me in any meaningful manner.  It is also the place of society in general to encourage behaviors that benefit society.  And there’s the rub.  Who decides?  It seemed pretty obvious in the past, not so much now.

The single thread that runs through this misdirection and focuses on what’s unimportant is that it encourages bad outcomes.  It also gives the Producers reasons to check out, retire, be angry, or develop a complete distrust for whatever the government says, does, promotes, or requires.  People mistrust our government at record-high levels.

A battle is underway right now for the hearts and minds of Americans attempting to redefine the definition of healthy societal behavior.  Progressives state that late-term abortions are a women’s right, and hoards of women agree who would never consider such butchery themselves.  People understand that they want their families to be traditional, even as they hear progressives demanding same-sex bathrooms, puberty blockers, and trans athletes in schools while fleeing public education at record levels.

The crazies have the microphone at the moment; we all know that.  However, you must not avert your eyes and give in to them.  You must fight because the other side has discovered that they can shape young minds so that they will eventually kill your ideals, traditions, and aspirations in another generation or two.

We have the tools (our Constitution) and the option of a Constitutional Convention that our magnificent forbearers knew we might need one day.   So, while the airwaves and social media are filled with emotional appeals to let people love the people they want, do what they want, and be whatever they want to be accepted as normal, moral, and good, this thesis fails because the Producers won’t subsidize them forever.  Eventually, conformity is the societal glue that we rely on for our future.  This is the most crucial question of our times, my friends.  Crazy cannot be what we aspire to.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer—Patriot – Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

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  1. Utterly brilliant! This assessment applies to all ‘Western’ societies, not just the USA. The question is of course, what are the producers going to do about it in the face of the current fascist rule?


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