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Aide to Virgin Island “Rep” Plaskett Looks Possessed During House Hearing

House member Plaskett’s aide in last week’s hearing is making the headlines since the hearing. 

The “Representative” from the Virgin Islands, Stacy Plaskett, isn’t a representative at all.  She is from New York, but she wormed her way into the House claiming a relationship with the US Virgin Islands.

She is outspoken and very far left and she has connections to Jeffrey Epstein.

“So-Called Delegate” from Virgin Islands, Stacey Plaskett (Actually from New York) Demands Reporters Give Names of Sources – Is Connected to Jeffrey Epstein

Last week at a US House hearing with RFK Jr, Plaskett gave a speech where her aide behind her was the real story.  This woman looked possessed as she lip-synced the entire speech while sitting behind Plaskett.

Robby Starbuck thought the aide looked possessed.

Another person thought she looked like a scary doll from a horror film.

This is today’s Democrat Party.  What an evil mess they have made out of our Constitution. 


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