AH-OH – Dems Went All-In on Schiff and Now Quickly Turning Into a Schiff Show – Unconstitutional, No Crimes, With No (Only Far-Left Dems) Support!!! | Joe Hoft


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AH-OH – Dems Went All-In on Schiff and Now Quickly Turning Into a Schiff Show – Unconstitutional, No Crimes, With No (Only Far-Left Dems) Support!!!

Ah-Oh – The Democrats are in real big trouble. Pelosi and gang went all-in on the Schifty Schiff and his rouge impeachment inquiry and it is quickly turning into a Schiff show.

There are no crimes that President Trump has committed that would lead to an impeachment inquiry and so lying Schiff keeps moving the goal posts. But most importantly, only far-left Democrats are in favor of impeachment.

You just can’t break the truth. No matter how far you may bend it, it is always the truth. The Democrats are learning this lesson again and it is going to be really ugly this time and it should.

Speaker Pelosi and her band of socialist Democrats went ‘all-in’ on an impeachment of President Trump. They’ve wanted this since before the 2017 Inauguration. However, in their rage they forgot and are missing a couple of key points – one, there must be high crimes, misdemeanors, treason or bribery – and two, there must be public support. Unfortunately for the Dems, they have neither.

The Schiff Sham is unconstitutional

As the Democrats move forward with their insane impeachment hearing in the House, the levels of insanity reach new levels. The Schiff Sham is unconstitutional, that is why it is so insane!

The Democrats created an impeachment process where the individual leading the process was involved in creating it with a CIA spy who leaked information from a Presidential call. The same CIA spy was kicked out of the White House in 2017 for leaking.

The spy met with Adam Schiff and his team before filing his complaint under the Whistleblower statute although this didn’t meet the standards for such a complaint. Whistleblower complaints are only legitimate in the Intel Community if related to a member of the Intel community. The President was the subject of the complaint and he is not a member of the Intel community.

The whistleblower form in the Intel community was updated to allow for second hand information. This was not allowed before this complaint.

Schiff and his team flew to the Ukraine before the complaint and met with some of the individuals who testified in Schiff’s court held in the basement of the US capital. The Republicans are not allowed to call in witnesses. The witnesses were coached by Schiff. The Republicans’ questions are constantly interrupted by the likes of ‘President’ Swalwell, a failed Democrat candidate for President, and other Democrats.

The President and his team was not allowed to interview the witnesses. The witnesses are basing their testimonies in some cases on 4th hand information.

Schiff is in charge of the impeachment hearings set up based on the CIA spy’s complaint. Schiff is the same individual who created the incident that the impeachment is based on. All rules and guidelines are created by him alone. He decides who interviews and when and what they are allowed to say. He tells witnesses whether they are allowed to answer questions or not from the Republicans on the Committee.

The number of unconstitutional actions taken by Schiff is too numerous to count. Nowhere in our constitution does it provide for an accuser to be a witness, a prosecutor, the judge, the jury and the ruler over who is heard and what is said in a trial! And to think they are doing this not in a traffic court, but to remove the President of the United States from office!

President Trump committed no crimes

The whole SHAM is based on the President requesting the new President from the Ukraine to look into the 2016 campaign. The President asked that Ukraine leader see if he could find anything on Hillary’s server, which some people believe may be in the Ukraine, as well as Crowdstrike, the Ukrainian owned firm that the FBI and DNC relied upon in 2016 when it claimed that Russians hacked Hillary’s emails. Crowdstrike’s claim to this day is the only information used by the FBI, DOJ and Mueller gang as evidence that the Russians hacked Hillary’s emails.

The US has a treaty with the Ukraine that allows for the US and the Ukraine to assist each other with criminal investigations. Based on a Mutual Legal Assistant Treaty with the Ukraine, the President had every right and even a duty to dig into criminal activities in the Ukraine that involve Americans.

The President of the Ukraine asked on the call whether he should look into the Bidens’ actions in the Ukraine. A video where former Vice President Biden bragged about having a Ukrainian prosecutor kicked off a case where he was investigating his son, Hunter Biden, was shared all over the Internet. The judge was removed in a quid pro quo arrangement. The Ukrainians removed the prosecutor and then they received $1 billion from the US under Obama.

Biden’s son Hunter, was placed on the Board of Burisma Holdings in the Ukraine and he and Devon Archer, who’s connected to former Secretary of State, John Kerry, who was also on the Burisma Board, made at least $50,000 a month each in spite of knowing nothing about Burisma’s business.

Based on this Schiff and company believed they could impeach President Trump for a quid-pro-quo – like what Biden did – I’ll give you money if you remove the prosecutor in the Ukraine who is investigating my son and the company he is a Board member of, Burisma Holdings. But this is not what President Trump did. Joe Biden is guilty of quid-pro-quo. The Democrats are projecting again!

Unfortunately for Democrats their Schiff sham is quickly falling apart. There is no crime. What President Trump did was completely legal. They first tried to claim that the President was involved in a quid-pro-quo but this is falling apart, so they are now changing their crime to ‘extortion’

They also claim that the President is obstructing Congress by not answering their unlawful subpoenas. But the President has the right to deny subpeonas that are unlawful. Congress is not the Executive Branch and does not have the right to demand any item they want from the President.

Of course, Schifty Schiff is also reportedly considering bringing back the obstruction actions from the Mueller case to impeach the President but Mueller himself did not have the evidence to claim any of these actions were crimes because they weren’t.

Democrat attorney Alan Dershowitz agrees that President Trump committed no crimes –

No One in American Wants Impeachment except the Far-left Socialist Dems

Finally, the Democrats are totally blinded by their rage and they don’t realize that nobody is in favor of impeachment.

As we reported, FOX News released a poll where they state that 49% of Americans were for Trump Impeachment. But their polling was flawed. The real extrapolated results of the poll using an accurate proportion of Republicans, Democrats and Independents shows that only 30% are in favor of Trump’s Impeachment and they’re all Democrats.

After four weeks of non stop lies and leaks all against the President, Republicans and Independents are not buying it. 70% of Americans are against impeachment according to the extrapolated poll results from the FOX News survey.

This may end up being the Democrats worst move since seceding from the Union leading to the Civil War! The Democrats belief that only they should be in power will again be their downfall! This Schiff Show does not have a happy ending.

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