After Two Years of Non-Stop Russia, Russia, Russia – Democrats and Their Media Go Silent on the Trump – Russia Farce | Joe Hoft


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After Two Years of Non-Stop Russia, Russia, Russia – Democrats and Their Media Go Silent on the Trump – Russia Farce

Guest post by Joe Hoft

For two years the media pushed Russia, Russia, Russia on the American people. The non stop reporting by the MSM in coordination with the Democrat Party and the corrupt Deep State suddenly stopped this past month before the election.

These groups must know that this witch hunt would never help them win an election. Americans are voting against the Democrat, Deep State and MSM corruption and crimes and their silence won’t prevent this from happening.

As we reported in June, President Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election in large part due to his stand against government corruption. Being an outsider, Americans believed Trump could make a real difference.

In the 2016 election Americans were sick and tired of the corruption that consumed the Obama Administration. Americans were fed up with the Obama Administration and their patsy media. This message was represented in short chants at Trump rallies that all related to corruption — “Drain the Swamp!”

Obama’s government was unhinged, dishonest and corrupt and Americans knew it. It was as corrupt as it gets and the far left media let him get away with it. Giving billions in cash to Iran on a pallet was just the tip of the iceberg.

Americans also were damn upset with Hillary Clinton being exonerated for her many crimes related to her email abuse while Obama’s Secretary of State. They yelled “Lock Her Up”:

Americans also recognized the corruption in the media by yelling “CNN Sucks”.

The deep state within Obama’s government was more corrupt than we realized. President Trump appointed an Attorney General [Jeff “Benedict Arnold” Sessions] who appears to be a deep state card carrying member.

Sessions brought in corrupt and conflicted attorney Rod Rosenstein to run the DOJ and another patsy to lead the FBI [Christopher Wray]. Immediately, Rosenstein created the corrupt Mueller Special Counsel and then loaded it with corrupt and conflicted far-left hacks within the DOJ and FBI.

The Mueller Special Counsel is as corrupt an organization as anything seen in US history!

Together these individuals in the Deep State, the Democrats and their MSM have attempted to unseat the President, but he has amazingly survived and succeeded.

The tide is now turning and the crooks are about to be unmasked.

President Trump knew that the Mueller witch hunt would not help the Democrats in their chances in this mid-term election:

The upcoming months will be pivotal for the long term survival of our great nation.

The Democrats know that they overplayed their hand. This is why there is only crickets from the Dems and their MSM about Russia and and the Mueller witch hunt. They have been caught. There are too many questions, too many conflicts and too much corruption within the Deep State. Their actions with Kavanaugh only convinced Americans that the Dems and their Deep State are corrupt! Obama’s America was a Banana Republic.

The US will not survive with corrupt, conflicted and criminal individuals running our Department of Justice and other government institutions.

This must be cleaned up.

The 2018 election will be a vote to rid the country of the corruption. That is why Trump and Republicans will win Bigly this week.

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