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After Hundreds of Thousands Ukrainians Dead – Big Media Finally Admits Ukraine Cannot Beat Russia

Biden and the corrupt media tried to sell the American people on the war in Ukraine with Russia.  It never made any sense.

Only the Bidens, the WEF, the globalists and war mongers wanted the war between Ukraine and Russia.  It could have been settled within hours but there was too much pressure on Ukraine to keep it going.

Biden pushed the war with Russia and Ukraine only weeks after his failed exit from Afghanistan.  Americans saw Biden hand over billions in equipment, guns and planes to Afghanistan and then jump right into the war between Ukraine and Russia.

There was no buy-in from the American people.  Ukraine was the same place where the Bidens made millions.  It’s been corrupt for decades.  Why were we pushing for war with Russia, a country with more nukes than the US?

Biden kept the war going for years while the world watched hundreds of thousands die in the meatgrinder of the Ukrainian front.

Now after billions was sent to Ukraine to continue the fight, the MSM is finally admitting the Ukraine cannot beat Russia.

The endless media cheerleading for Zelensky and Ukraine is beginning to show some serious cracks in the face of reality. That same reality hasn’t seemed to do anything to dissuade the White House and certain Biden Republicans in the Senate from continuing to push for more billions of dollars for Kyiv for “as long as it takes.” But an increasing number of voices in the media now seem to admit that the time period in question could be very long indeed. There is also a growing consensus suggesting that Ukraine will likely never be able to “beat” Russia or drive the Russian army fully out of Ukrainian territory. Even the Associated Press noted the two-year anniversary of the war by saying that Ukraine’s future currently looks “bleak.”

The future looks bleak for war-weary Ukraine: It is beset by shortages in soldiers and ammunition, as well as doubts about the supply of Western aid. Ukrainian forces also face a Russian enemy that has recently seized the initiative on the battlefield.

Two years after Russia’s full-scale invasion captured nearly a quarter of the country, the stakes could not be higher for Kyiv. After a string of victories in the first year of the war, fortunes have turned for the Ukrainian military, which is dug in, outgunned and outnumbered against a more powerful opponent.

As the war enters its third year, here is a look at the situation on the ground, the challenges ahead and some of the potential consequences if Ukraine does not acquire the people, ammunition and assistance it needs to sustain the fight.

TIME Magazine as well admits Ukraine cannot beat Russia:

The long-awaited counteroffensive last year failed. Russia has recaptured Avdiivka, its biggest war gain in nine months. President Volodymyr Zelensky has been forced to quietly acknowledge the new military reality. The Biden Administration’s strategy is now to sustain Ukrainian defense until after the U.S. presidential elections, in the hope of wearing down Russian forces in a long war of attrition.

This strategy seems sensible enough, but contains one crucially important implication and one potentially disastrous flaw, which are not yet being seriously addressed in public debates in the West or Ukraine. The implication of Ukraine standing indefinitely on the defensive—even if it does so successfully—is that the territories currently occupied by Russia are lost. Russia will never agree at the negotiating table to surrender land that it has managed to hold on the battlefield.

We all knew this was a terrible decision from the start.  What a waste of money and time this entire effort was.  Biden is a total disaster and the Administration of Death. 

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  1. The United States government has committed so many crimes in Ukraine they had no choice but to start a war and support it to the disastrous bitter end.


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