After Disastrous Debates in 2020, Democrats Have Decided to Not Hold Presidential Debates in 2024 | Joe Hoft


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After Disastrous Debates in 2020, Democrats Have Decided to Not Hold Presidential Debates in 2024

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Communists don’t need debates.  Leaders are chosen. 

As noted in the first chapter of The Steal: Volume II – The Impossible Occurs – Joe Biden was lost during the 2020 campaign.

…former Vice President Joe Biden was a disaster.  He looked lost at times and was embarrassing during the Democrat debates. Early on, it was clear he wasn’t going to be able to take on President Trump.  After a short time, it appeared that none of the Democrats running for office could take on President Trump.

The Democrat debates were a total disaster because of the communist-leaning policies of the left that no good American was behind and because their candidates were awful.  TGP reported on this at the time.   In December 2019, the Democrats held a debate and nobody cared.  The debate received the smallest audience to date.  These debates got worse and worse.

Next in January 2020, TGP asked what was wrong with Joe Biden?  The guy was out to lunch.  (That was 3 years ago – now he’s not even making it to dinner.)

What is Wrong with Old Joe? Biden Jumbles Words Throughout Final Democrat Debate (VIDEO)

So it comes as no surprise that the Democrats would get rid of debates for the 2024 Democrats running for President.  Democrats and communists know that you don’t need debates when the election is in the bag.  Why debate?  What a waste of time.

It was reported on Friday that the Dems don’t think they need a debate.

Well, this is disappointing news. The Washington Post reported Thursday that “the national Democratic Party has said it will support Biden’s reelection, and it has no plans to sponsor primary debates.” It’s understandable: the Dems have a president, of sorts, and so they’re counting on the power of incumbency to help their superannuated kleptocrat get over the top again. However, it’s also immensely disappointing, because after years and years of Democratic presidential debates being dreary displays of candidates trying to out-socialist one another, 2024 Democratic primary debates would have actually had something to offer.

Biden has two challengers, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Marianne Williamson. When Kennedy announced his candidacy on Wednesday, USA Todayreported that RFK immediately had the “support of 14% of voters who backed President Joe Biden in 2020,” according to a USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll. Williamson had 5%, and another 13% were undecided. USA Today noted that “that is surprising strength for a candidate who has a famous political name but is now known mostly as the champion of a debunked conspiracy theory blaming childhood vaccines for autism.”

Communists don’t need to sell their candidates or their policies.  They steal elections and shove their crimes in your face. 

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