After BS Conviction, Corrupt Biden Government Is Not Capable of Providing a Safe Environment for Hero Brian Kolfage | Joe Hoft


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After BS Conviction, Corrupt Biden Government Is Not Capable of Providing a Safe Environment for Hero Brian Kolfage

A reader responded with me about Kolfage’s persecution in New York:

I am outraged and sad at Brian Kolfage’s persecution and sentencing by the corrupt, criminal U.S. DOJ SDNY, joined by the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS).

Brian lost three of his limbs while serving his country, he lost both legs and his right hand, he received the Purple Heart, and is an honored U. S. Air Force war veteran.

His incarceration does not change those facts. However, I fear for his future and his life as a disabled prisoner in a New York State prison.

Brian is also a political prisoner. Our country is now aware of the cruel treatment other political prisoners have received in prison under this Democratic regime in yet another American Marxist hellhole, Washington, D.C. The stories of all the J6 prisoners are a testament to that fact.

There is likely NO prison in NYS that can accommodate Brian’s severe disabilities. Not one. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) it is his absolute right to be accommodated such that his treatment in prison equals that of all other prisoners: not better than, not special, EQUAL to.

However, in an NYS prison, Brian – an honored American disabled veteran – will, guaranteed, experience cruel, heartless, and repeated vicious discrimination and daily, humiliating, and likely life-threatening experiences, enough to weaken the soul of any God-loving man.

His very life will be at risk under these conditions.

Missing three limbs, with guards who will – multiple times a day – laugh at or ignore the accommodations he’ll need to quite literally survive while humiliating the man, how will Brian, every single day:

1. Get in and out of bed
2. Dress
3. Use the bathroom, particularly if it is not up to the disability code (as required by the law) to begin with
4. Bathe, if the facilities are not up to the disability code
5. Eat
6. Get about as freely as all the other prisoners are allowed to
7. Get his wheelchair repaired when it breaks. How will he get about at all when the wheelchair repairs could take weeks, or months, by a cruel & indifferent system?
8. Take daily care of his prosthetics and skin
9. Get his prosthetics quickly repaired when needed
10. Make sure the meds he needs to survive are available and provided, not withheld
11. Receive the PT and OT he will need, given his disabilities and his new environment
12. Complete all his daily activities without “personal assistance services” (somebody needed daily, to help him, for ex., put on or take off his prosthetics)
13. You name all the other “activities of daily living” (ADLs) that Brian (like anyone) has that the ADA covers.

Who will be there to enforce these civil and human rights for this patriotic and honored serviceman INSIDE the walls of an ADA-discriminatory NYS prison?

Do you think guards will willingly go out of their way – multiple times a day – for a guy who is just another criminal to them? A Conservative political prisoner at that?

Or will Brian quickly become a pain, easier to ignore, easier to laugh at, easier to humiliate and treat with scorn, derision, and cruelty?

Will Brian be subjected to vicious, persistent, and harsh treatment – multiple times a day – when he asks for the help the ADA has guaranteed to ALL American citizens with disabilities, inside of prison as well as outside?

State and federal prisons are one of the types of government-funded agencies & public accommodations REQUIRED to accommodate those with disabilities under the ADA, and to provide those accommodations without question and without hassle.

This has been the law of the land since 1990.

Does this actually occur? Do disabled prisoners get equal treatment as per the law while imprisoned, especially in the abysmal New York State prison system?

No. The New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (NYSDCCS) has a terrible, horrible, and horrific record of meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act accommodation rights of its disabled prisoners!

Stack up these facts with the fact that Kolfage is a political prisoner, a Conservative veteran who loves his country, who will be trapped inside of a prison run by a Marxist & Communist state, and you can see the visceral danger confronting this man.

Please do a follow-up story on this angle. Shame the NYS prison system by documenting and exposing the many ADA abuses which are on record right now.

Help Brian find a conservative veterans’ disability rights nonprofit which will take up this cause and expose it while defending his rights and protecting his life, as best they can, while he is incarcerated in an NYS prison hellhole, courtesy of the corrupt and vile SDNYS and the USPIS.

Please get it out there that he needs a conservative disabled or vets’ organization helping him BEFORE he enters an NYS, non-ADA-compliant hellhole prison: a hellhole for him, in particular, as a triple amputee, a political prisoner.

What about an NYS disability rights nonprofit helping Brian? After all, it was the progressive left, the radical, Democrat social justice warriors of the day who pushed hard for the passage of the ADA, with massive rallies and organized Congressional lobbying.

However, in Democrat-controlled New York the likelihood of a disability or veteran’s nonprofit standing up for Brian’s ADA rights is zero, non-existent. None of these state-funded, prostitute-nonprofit “charities” will dare to risk their lucrative grant funding from their Democrat/Marxist overlords in NYC and Albany.

These corrupted New York nonprofit “civil rights for all” do-gooder charities will, guaranteed, turn a swift blind eye to the ADA rights of a Conservative veteran which their Democrat overlords in NYC made a national example of, demonstrating their Communist muscle by targeting him.

So much for any ‘equity’ and ‘justice’ being delivered by these NYS SJW charities and public interest law firms to a Conserclvative, disabled veteran.

NYS has also aggressively and unfairly attacked the Trump Foundation in addition to Kolfage’s Florida-based nonprofit ‘We Build the Wall’, both Conservative charities. When will the Marxist criminal justice system in NYS take a look underneath the hood of NYS residents Bill & Hillary Clinton’s mammoth, worldwide “charity” operation, the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton’s NY neighbor, George Soros’ mammoth, corrupt, socialist nonprofit conglomerate empire and his secretive, “progressive” nonprofit-funding money machine, the Democracy Alliance?

My heart goes out to this decorated serviceman,, Brian Kolfage, who defended our freedoms and lost three limbs as a result and who is about to be unjustly imprisoned. My heart goes out to his loving wife and their two little daughters. Their daddy will be more than a thousand miles away from them, for four long years.

This family is being put through unmitigated hell.

Brian was targeted by the evil SDNYS and the USPIS and without our help this little family will continue to suffer greatly as he enters a prison system that could care less that it has a legal requirement to professionally accommodate his disabilities, and provide EQUAL treatment to him as per the ADA and other disability laws.

My prayers will be with Brian and his family. Every American who loves America and honors our veterans needs to NOT ignore Brian’s story and do something to help him.

Sending dollars to his Fundly campaign is worthy, but not enough.

Given that Floridian’s Brian Kolfage and, as well, President Donald Trump – on April 4, 2023 with DA Alvin Bragg’s shocking, first-ever indictment of a U.S. president – have both been politicized victims of the Empire State’s terrorist criminal justice system located in Manhattan, I recommend writing a letter to President Trump, informing him of Brian’s likely future in a New York prison as a decorated disabled veteran and a political prisoner.

Trump was a New Yorker; he was arrested by these Manhattan criminal justice thugs. He’ll KNOW these facts are true.

We cannot allow our military veterans to be treated in this way. This terrorist-like, continuing, and cruel harassment of Brian and his family by the NYS Southern District and the USPIS and about to be handed off to the NYSDCCS, has to stop now.

Brian’s very life, as a disabled man in a NYS prison, will be at extreme risk and that risk will start on day one of his incarceration.

Survival, day-by-day, will require military-like focus, perseverance, strength and grit by Brian, so as to protect his very life. Who has his back?

We God-fearing people who love our country and who honor our vets have to help Brian. We need to stop the continuing nightmare activated upon a Florida citizen by a corrupt court in Communist New York State. We need to help this one, small, besieged American family.

In Marxist-terrorized America today, but for the Grace of God, this could be your own family.

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