After 6 Months of President Trump – “Lock Her Up” and “Drain the Swamp” – Need the Most Work | Joe Hoft


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After 6 Months of President Trump – “Lock Her Up” and “Drain the Swamp” – Need the Most Work

President Trump had many classic short one liners during his campaign. Now that his first six months are coming to a close, how did the President do and which slogans need the most work?

The slogan that the President has probably most satisfied his base by addressing in his first six months is “CNN Sucks”

The President has done what no other Republican politician has been able to do and that is point out how nasty, slanderous and liberal leaning the left wing US Main Stream Media (MSM) is. Conservatives for years have suffered under the dishonest MSM attacks and lies and President Trump has hit back harder than they ever have seen. They do not know how to handle the President’s responses.

President Trump has taken the MSM out of their game and Americans have noticed. A recent poll showed that Americans now believe the media is one of the most dishonest entities in the US. It’s about time. During these past six months, the President smashed CNN with the most historic tweet of all time.

That tweet will go down in history! It showed in a hilarious way how he feels about CNN’s relentless dishonest broadcasting of him and his administration and how he has smashed them because of it.

Other one liners were created during the President’s campaign. The “Build the Wall” slogan represented that many Americans wanted a strong border and an immigration policy that was sensible – something much different than President Obama’s open borders and let anyone in the country whether they can pay for themselves or not.

Since the inauguration plans have started for the wall and illegal immigration at the Mexican border is down 76%. There is still much to do with the wall but there has been major progress in this area.

The two slogans that appear to need the most attention from the President are “Drain the Swamp” –

and “Lock Her Up” –

It’s amazing that the most important and emotional policies that Americans wanted from this President when he was campaigning were captured in three or four word chants!

Also, after six months it is clear that this President must do more to “Drain the Swamp” and “Lock her Up”. Last night on Hannity a panel laid out the double standards that appear in our legal system. Hillary Clinton is given a pass by the MSM for receiving money for giving uranium to Russia and President Trump’s son meets with a Russian plant for 20 minutes and the liberal press is non stop about it.

President Trump has done a great job with the economy and a masterful job showing CNN’s true colors. If the President is working on bringing justice back to the US legal system it is now time to let Americans know. The President’s backers had two slogans in this regard so it must be important!

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